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Old persian , Farsi , Avestan months and days and their meaning

Persian , Avesan , Farsi Months of the year

persian or avestan or Farsi months is provided here for you in order , from first month of spring to last month of winter.






1 F’Ravashi F’ravahr Farvardin Leader – Prime
2 Asha Vahishta arta-vahishta Ordibehesht Best truth
3 Ha’urvatat Khordat Khordad Health
4 Tisht’ria Tishtar Tir A star named Tir
5 Amertat Amordat Mordad Imortal
6 Kh’shatra-vaieria Shatrivar Shahrivar Powerful ruler
7 Mitra Mehr-Mitr Mehr Love & Friendship or kindness
8 Apam Aban Aban Water
9 Atar Atur Azar Fire
10 Datush Dao Day Dio – Creator or god
11 Vohumana Vahman Bahman Good thought and deed
12 S’penta Armaieti Sepandarmat Esfan Humility

first, second and third months (Farvardin , ordibehesht , khordad) are in spring (Bahar).

The fourth, fifth, and sixth months are in summer (Tabestan).

The seventh, eighth, and ninth months are in autumn (paeez).

The tenth , eleventh and twelfth months are in winter (zemestan).

Name of each day in Avestan months

In a context in Avesta it is mentioned that each day of months was a guardian for devine angels. so that specific day’s name has come after that specific angel’s name. these names and their meaning is provided below:

Day Name Meaning
۱ Hormozd Name of the god
۲ Bahman good thought and deed
۳ Ordibehesht Best truth
۴ Shahrivar Powerful ruler
۵ Sepandarmaz Humility
۶ Khordad Health
۷ Amordad Imortal
۸ Day Creator
۹ Azar Fire
۱۰ Aban Water
۱۱ Khur light
۱۲ Mah Moon
۱۳ Tir A star named Tir
۱۴ Gush universe
۱۵ Day Creator
۱۶ Mehr Love & Friendship
۱۷ Sorush Obedience
۱۸ Rashn Justice
۱۹ Farvardin Leader – Prime
۲۰ Varharam Victory
۲۱ Ram Joy
۲۲ Bad Wind
۲۳ Day Creator
۲۴ Din Conscience of inner insight
۲۵ Ard Wealth and success
۲۶ Ashtad Truth
۲۷ Asman Sky
۲۸ Zamyad earth
۲۹ Mehra-Sepandan good truth
۳۰ Anaram Eternal light


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