Best beat ’em up games is provided for you as a list of 20. We hope you enjoy it. Brawler or hack and slash games have long conquered the arcade market, and now games like God of War, shank, and devil may cry have their share in the world of computer games. so it was kinda important for us to share this list.


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What is the style of brawler or beat ’em up ?

These games can be summarized with a funny example. Like Indian movies, or literary exaggerations, in which one person, with one extraordinary force, stands up to a large number of enemies and defeats them. This style is called brawler or a beat ’em up.

20 of the best beat ’em up games

20- Altered Beast

One of the most nostalgic games in the field of a brawler. Along with Aladdin and Sonic, this game once ruled the gaming world. In the role of a resurrected warrior, you have to find your way between legions of enemies by punching and kicking. In this way, you can become ancient monsters by collecting diamonds and spheres looted from enemies.

top 20 beat 'em up games of all time, best brawler games


19- Hercules

Few people have played on a computer as a child, but have not experienced Hercules alongside Tarzan, lion king, and Aladdin. A short and fascinating brawler game that has captured our memories.

18- Final Fight

As a sequel to the famous street fighter games, this game has a high level of violence and excitement. In this game, you have control of Cody or Hegar is in your hands. You have to guide them in their way to wipe enemies out of the screen. In this way, different weapons can make your job easier.


top 20 beat 'em up games of all time, best brawler games

17- Battletoads

It was one of the most famous and popular old games. Its popular characters have now given their place to ninja turtles. Also, this game was a turning point in computer games. Because the details and action animations of this game were implemented well and later became very important in the field of gaming.

16- Viewtiful Joe

It is ranked 16th in the best beat ’em up games. It was one of the games that caused a lot of changes in the brawler arena with its creativity. In this game developed by Capcom, Joe must travel to a virtual world. To defeat jadows (game bosses). So that he can free his beloved girlfriend.


top 20 beat 'em up games of all time, best brawler games

15- Double Dragon 2: The Revenge

We chose Double dragon 2 over 1. Perhaps the reason for this choice is that only in this version it was possible to play the game in multiplayer mode. Apart from this, it is one of the best choices for a two-player game on this list.

14- Golden Ax

Developed by the same group as the creators of the popular altered beast. This game is a kind of implementation of Conan the barbarian in the style of Brawler. In this game, players are required to go to a battle against an evil foe called death adder.


13- Streets Of Rage 2

Samurai swords, daggers, grenades, etc. These are the weapons used by successive armies of street enemies to defeat you. after beating ’em up you can pick up their weapons and use it against themselves.

With the addition of two more characters and superpowers, this game became much more popular than its previous version. Due to the microcosm of the creators of this game, its great popularity, addictive gameplay, etc, This game is considered one of the best games ever made.

12- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time

We have Ninja Turtles in the twelfth best beat ’em up games. In the nineties, Konami was a monster company based on making games out of television series. Which managed to successfully bring many of these shows to the world of gaming. And perhaps the most successful of these were the Ninja Turtles. Few of us do not have a childhood nostalgic memory of the ninja lock game series.

top 20 beat 'em up games of all time, best brawler games


11- God Of War OR prince of Persia

Of course, this game is more action and roleplay than a brawler. But you can see elements of Brawler in these two games. When armies of enemies line up in front of you to defeat the prince and the god of war.

Of course, unlike God of War, the name of Prince of Persia has not been seen in the gaming world for a long time, and the last version was considered a failure. But considering the two decades of the popularity of this game and its impact on subsequent games (including GOW) and its sense of nostalgia can not be removed from this list.

Also, the God of War, especially the second sequel, has a very interesting gameplay and cool bosses, which has long made this game very popular among us in this genre.

10- Renegade

This game is one of the other evolving brawler games. Which took the genre out of the two-dimensional model, and since then Brawler games have been made in four directions. But it did cost a fortune, and it was that the games got a little slower and buggy.


top 20 beat 'em up games of all time, best brawler games

9- The Simpsons Arcade

Another game which is taken from a TV show. And once again from Konami. This game was considered very high quality in its time. This quality, along with Konami’s high experience in producing brawler games, made it so successful that it was included in our list.

8- The Warriors

In the eighth place of the best Beat ’em up is the Warriors. One of the important elements of Brawler games is fighting animations. Animation and combat moves can turn a game into a bestseller or a great failure. If it is too simple, the gamer will get bored. and If it is too complicated, the gamer will be confused. And he does not get what he is doing. This game was one of the few games that kept the balance well in this regard.

This game is based on a movie of the same name in 1979. In this game, there are many types of weapons with easy access that can make the adventure easier for you.


top 20 beat 'em up games of all time, best brawler games

7- Guardian Heroes

Most Sega games are easily forgotten. Maybe it’s because of Sega’s short period of existence. But this is a pity because there are very popular and beautiful titles on the list of Sega games. And this game is a good example for this regard.

The game is very fast, action, and entertaining. Which has a good quality due to its age.

6- Dead Rising

For those who like the gameplay of killing and defeating large groups of zombies, this game is a lot of fun. If you want to experience brawler with zombies, be sure to try this game. In this game, in the role of a journalist named Frank West, you have to make your way through the zombies of a mall to get out of there and survive. In this way, you can use a variety of violent and sometimes funny weapons.

top 20 beat 'em up games of all time, best brawler games


5- shank

For a long time, no brawler game sold well in the market. And little by little, this genre of the game gave way to popular styles such as roleplay, shooter, and strategy. Until this very beautiful game was released. Beautiful game story, interesting weapons, fighting styles, good speed, hard bosses, and…. All of the beauties of this game that made the brawler style regain its popularity.

The game became so popular and prosperous that later the sequel was released with the possibility of an online multiplayer and caused a revival of the brawler style.

4- Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game

This game is in the fourth place of the best beat ’em up games of all time. One of the games that tried to revive the old and classic style of brawler games. With a difference in quality and better graphics. Now, instead of arcades, it can be played on new consoles. This game is based on the novel of the same name.

top 20 beat 'em up games of all time, best brawler games


3- Castle Crashers

This game, like the previous game on this list, tried to present the old brawlers’ classic style with modern quality. Like the old games in this game, you guide your two-dimensional character and unlock more advanced capabilities by advancing and defeating more enemies. For this reason, it can be familiar to those who have experienced golden ax and guardian heroes games.

2- Madworld

Fewer brawler-style games can be found on MadWorld violence. A game with a very good style that is stained with blood. This game may remind you of gears of war. Because the main character of the game, Jack, uses a chainsaw. To win and survive in a match in which participants must fight against each other to survive.

top 20 beat 'em up games of all time, best brawler games


1- Devil May Cry OR Resident evil

With several sequels of the game, great reputation and popularity, good graphics, impact on other games like Bayonetta, these games are one of the most successful brawler style games. Which is why they got the first rank in this list.


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