most popular detectives in history : this article is list that Introduces the most popular detectives in the history of the literature and cinema. Sometimes the most enjoyable riddles are those associated with murder and theft, which by the help of genius detectives finally bring criminals to justice. Join us on this list to introduce 10 of the most genius detectives in history.


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top 10 the most popular detectives in the history of books and movies

10- Detective Thomas Lynley

Inspector Lynley is an English detective. This character was created by the American Arthur Elizabeth George. Lynley is the eighth Earl (an English official) of Asherton. He solves criminal cases with his accomplice from Scotland Yard, Barbara Havers, with a good professional background. One of the top two cases that these two were involved in, was a high school homicide in Britain. this case was well illustrated by the American Arthur George. The English characters and places in England are so incredibly detailed that no one believes they are written by non-english writers. Because of that the Author always researched this well before writing books. This makes Elizabeth George Arthur’s books more realistic than other similar works.

Lynly and Havers are played by Nathan Parker and Sharon Small in the BBC series The Inspector Linley Mysteries.


9- Kinsey Millhone

Ms. Kinsey Millhone’s private detective stories was created by American author Sue Grafton. She plays a good role in an alphabetical record (“a for alibi and b for the burglar”). The detective lives in an apartment in Santa Teresa, California, a neighborhood created by of the creative author’s imagination. Kinsey is a young graduate who works hard to stay beautiful and young and travels a lot. But luckily for her, there are many adventures in her way. One of the strengths of this book series is that it is short along with a strong storyline.

No movie or tv series has been made from this series yet.(2021)


top 10 of the most popular detectives in the history of books and movies

8- Philip Marlowe

A private detective created by American author Raymond Chandler. His first work is called “The big sleep”. Other crime masterpieces such as “The Lady in the Lake” and “The Long Goodbye” are also solved by this detective.

This detective has a weakness in over-consumption of cigarettes and alcohol and has lived a hard life. Philip Marlowe lives in Hollywood. Most of his cases take place in and around dangerous Hollywood neighborhoods. Elements of violence, drugs, and insulting words are used extensively in books and movies.

There is a movie “the big sleep” starring Humphrey Bogart and a tv-series starring Powers Boothe called “Philip Marlowe, Private Eye” from ITV .


7- Sam Speed

This detective has played the role of Dashiell Hemmat in only one novel and three short stories. For example, we can mention Philip Marlowe. In “Maltese Falcon”, Sam Speed ​​and his companion Miles Archer (who is killed at the beginning of the novel) run a private detective company in San Francisco. Sam is fun but responsible and is not afraid of physical conflict.

Sam has been played by many actors, but it can be said that the most famous of them was Humphrey Bogart in “Adaptation”.


6- Inspector Roderick Alleyn

on the 6th place of the most popular detectives or best detectives of all time is Inspector roderick alleyn. Detective Roderick Alleyn is a British detective starring in thirty-two novels by New Zealand author Ngaio Marsh. His first case was “A man lay dead.” Which is the story of a game that eventually results in a death of one of the players. His other cases include “vintage murder”, “artists in crime” and “more reality to death (overture to death)”. Strange murder methods are among the strengths of this collection. The detective works at Scotland Yard until he is promoted to Chief Executive Officer. Usually, Nigel Bathgate, a journalist, helps him with cases. He eventually marries a painter, Agatha Troy.

Three actors have played the role of inspector Alleyn. the best play belongs to Patrick Malahide.


top 10 of the most popular detectives in the history of books and movies

5- Jules Maigret

Commissar Jules Maigret is the only story series in this list , in which the collection is written in French instead of English. The author of the stories is George Simonon, a Belgian. Our commissioner succeeds in 75 cases of novels and 29 short stories. In the age of detectives and crime stories, Jules Maigret is closer to reality in terms of crime-solving teams than his other rivals. That is a detective who consumes a lot of alcohol and always smokes and wears a heavy Overcoat. The detective’s style of inspection is much, much closer to that of real cops. More than personal genius, his success is based on teamwork and behind the scenes.

Maigret has been cast by many actors, but we can mention Rowan Atkinson as the last actor, and Cremer as the best.

4- Lord Peter Wimsey

English writer Dorothy L. Sayers is the creator of this popular detective. Peter Wimsey is as real gentleman as his name suggests. Solving criminal cases is a hobby for him. However, in his second case, Clouds of Witness, he is forced to resign because his brother has been convicted of murder. After being wounded in World War I, he is rescued by Banter, his future servant, and accomplice. But he is more interested in working with Scotland Yard superintendent Charles Parker. Wimsey falls in love with Harriet Wayne and marries her later. Wimsey novels, in addition to the wonderful literature and stories, beautifully displays the classical English era at that time.

Many actors play the role of Peter Wimsey, but the best role belongs to Ian Carmichael.


top 10 of the most popular detectives in the history of books and movies

3- Miss Marple

Miss Marple, by the legendary author of crime novels , Agatha Christie, first appeared in a series of short stories in a magazine. These stories were later collected under the name of “thirteen problems”. The genius miss marple also solves her cases in 12 crime novels, especially “The Murder in Vicarage” and “The Body in the Library”. Miss Marple lives in a small village called St. Mary Mead, which gives her a good opportunity to study human nature. This is the reason for her remarkable success in resolving cases. She relates the characteristics of the villagers to the characters in her case. Curiosity and psychology are important keys to her. The same case makes the police so angry that they see a stubborn old woman until they finally admit that she was right. This makes one never judge anyone in the first meeting.

Angela Lansbury and Margaret Rutherford play Ms. Marple well in the movies and Helen Hayes, June Hickson, and Geraldine McEwan in the series.


top 10 of the most popular detectives in the history of books and movies

2- Hercule Poirot

Poirot’s first appearance was in “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” by Agatha Christie. Poirot was a Belgian policeman who took refuge in England during World War I. And with his genius, he solves many cases along with Colonel Hastings and Chief Inspector Japp from Scotland Yard. Poirot is an obsessive gentleman of extreme etiquette. He smokes from time to time. In some of his cases, his secretary, Ms. Lemon, collects information for him.

Many novels that are masterpieces of criminal literature, such as “The Ghost of Death on the Nile”, “Alphabetic Murders”, “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd”, “Death on the Eastern Expressway” are solved by Poirot. These special achievements and characteristics of Poirot and his beloved group made Poirot in this position of most popular detectives.

Poirot starred in the films by Albert Finney and Peter Austinov. But his best role was played by David Suchet in the English series by itv .


top 10 of the most popular detectives in the history of books and movies

1- Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes, the most famous detective in history, was created by Arthur Conan Doyle.56 Short stories but only 4 novels have been recorded by him. The first is “a study in scarlet” and the most famous is “The Hound of the Baskervilles”. Holmes believes that any problem can be solved by reasoning and science if enough information is gathered.  Stories and issues are told by Dr. Watson, his assistant physician. Sherlock Holmes has its own style and cover. He always smokes and uses cocaine. he has incredible genius. He never enters into a romantic relationship. But he has feelings for Irene Adler.

Perhaps the only person with the genius of Sherlock Holmes is his main enemy, Professor Moriarty. Which has appeared in only two of his stories.

Sherlock Holmes has also been played by many. But the best is Bass Rothben and Jeremy Brett. There are two films starring Robert Danny Jr. so far.

Other cases of the most popular and famous detectives in history

Detective William Murdoch

August Dupin by Edgar Allan Poe

Brown’s father from JK Chesterton

Adam Dalglish from PD James

Wexford Chief Inspector Ruth Randall

Barnaby Inspector General Caroline Graham .

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