best joker or top jokers in movies or games : who are the best or worst jokers who appeared in media ? is there any other jokers than heath ledger’s & joaquin pheonix’s jokers?

we are trying to answer these questions in this article. joker is a popular and twisted villain. since his first appearance in dc comics , he has became batmans most loved and feared enemy. so he has been included in many media , like games , show and movies . some of them were legendary , but some other,…. well , could be better.


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top 10 best jokers of movies , comic , shows and games

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Top 10 jokers of movies and games – best joker in media

10 – suicide squad movie

This joker is the worst joker on this list. Almost all Joker fans consider this movie a failure. It did not look like the well-known Joker at all in terms of appearance (lack of a big smile, punk style instead classic, seriousness, excitement, etc.).


Top 10 jokers of movies and games - best joker in media

9- Mortal Combat dc universe

With all respect to the legendary games of MK it seems like their main goal was to present a circus clown rather than joker.other failures in the appearance of the Joker character include jokes and actions and highly artificial laughter. Exaggeration in the form of classic clothes. these all together made this Joker number 9 on this list. although in the next series games , mortal kombats joker became much better.


8- Cesar Romero, Batman series in the ’60s

The Joker does not have a very new character and is one of the oldest characters in the DC world. For example, we can mention the Batman series in the ’60s starring Cesar Romero. This may be the first joker on the list that has been well-played. Cesar Romero was able to bring evil Joker character from comics to the world of movies and cinema.
Although this old series is not attractive to Joker fans right now. But in the old days, it was a good presentation of joker.


Top 10 jokers of movies and games - best joker in media

7- Jack Nicholson Batman movie

Perhaps the closest smile of all the actors to the Joker is Jack Nicholson. Jack Nicholson’s high experience in playing villain characters with mental health problems made him successful in this film. And he was able to play the Joker character well.
But this movie, like the series starring Cesar Romero, is old. And it may not be attractive to the modern world anymore.


6- Batman animation series

The soundtrack and laughter of this series were spectacular. Almost all of the Joker’s actions and behaviors were the same as in the comics. These animations triggered the idea of the current game jokers come to the minds of the creators.


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5- Injustice Joker

This joker alone could drive Superman crazy. And turn a hero into a other words “he grabed and draged the white knight of heros , into the darkness” He also managed to blow up the city of Metropolis single-handedly, despite of efforts of an army of heroes.
However, he is later killed by Superman and the explosion is prevented by turning back time.


4- Johnny Depp Batman 2021

Johnny Depp is one of the best actors to apply the toughest makeup possible. And the Joker is a character who needs a lot of makeup.
Johnny Depp has also managed to amazingly play many characters with a great variety of behavioral and moral. From Jack Sparrow’s wit and intelligence in Pirates of the Caribbean to Grindelwald’s seriousness, malice, and genius in fantastic beasts.
Undoubtedly, Johnny Depp will play the role of the Joker well


Top 10 jokers of movies and games - best joker in media

3- joaquin Phoenix Joker movie

This was the first film in which the main character of the film was joker instead of Batman.the role-play of a highly-skilled actor like joaquin Phoenix, along with the absence of the Joker (except suicide squad) in the cinema for years, was extremely wellcomed by fans.


2- Batman Arkham Knight

This is probably the best joker among all the released games in the DC world. In all the games so far, none of them had shown the evilness of the Joker to such an extent. In this game, the Joker, with all his geniusness and making of various chemicals, goes to war with Batman and takes a drug that turns him into a monster in every way. Which makes him more and more scary and uncontrollable.


Top 10 jokers of movies and games - best joker in media

1- Heath Ledger Batman Dark Knight

Heath Ledger played the best role of the Joker in every way. As mentioned earlier, the Joker touched the peak of his popularity after Heath Ledger’s role play. Heath Ledger played his role so well that even the actors were scared of him during the filming and thought he was a real joker. (We’ll point this out in the lists below.) So far, no actor or game developer has ever created and popularized a joker as same as the Heath Ledger’s Joker. In addition to being the best joker on this list, this joker is also the best known.

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