Cristiano Ronaldo facts – CR7 : Cristiano Ronaldo is like a football machine or robot. From his athletic abilities and strengths to a career full of goals and honorsIn this article, we will review 10 of the most incredible things about this popular soccer player. Join us.


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10 Cristiano Ronaldo facts about his life and career

10- Name

Most of the time we know him as Cristiano Ronaldo, and sometimes even as Chris Ronaldo. But does anyone know his long and full name? The full name of this popular football player is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.The name Ronaldo was chosen for him because of Ronald Reagan, the former president of the United States of America, who was Cristiano’s father’s favorite figure.


Top 10 incredible Cristiano Ronaldo facts - CR7 facts about life and career

9- Shoot towards the moon

Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kick speed is 13 kilometers per hour, an incredible number that is close to the speed of a spaceship when launched.


8- Exercise

In eighth place of the Cristiano Ronaldo facts , is his sports diet. He stated that he exercises every day (except Mondays, which is a day off). During a period of exercise, the total weight that he lifts equals 50706.32 pounds!


Top 10 incredible Cristiano Ronaldo facts - CR7 facts about life and career

7- Olympic Games

Cristiano Ronaldo runs 900 times more than an Olympic runner in a season. His body fat is about 10%, which makes him suitable for sports in every way.


6- Even NBA

Ronaldo transmits nearly  5G of power to the ground when he jumps. This equals five times the force of a cheetah. If he jumps while running, he will be 78 feet above the ground. which is 7 cm more than a normal NBA player.


Top 10 incredible Cristiano Ronaldo facts - CR7 facts about life and career

5- Titles

During his childhood and adolescence, he did not have interesting titles, including crybaby and little bee. Of course, he had the will to become one of the most important, and triumphant football players and the most powerful athletes in the world.  


4. Museums

In fourth place of the Cristiano Ronaldo facts, is the museums. In  Funchal,   a museum called  cr7  has been founded, which presents the history of Cristiano Ronaldo’s games and honors. He is also the fourth football player (after Steven Gerrard, Pele, and David Beckham) to have his statue housed in the Madame Tussauds.


Top 10 incredible Cristiano Ronaldo facts - CR7 facts about life and career

3-  Incredible records

He has won 4 golden shoes and a golden ball. He has scored more than 700 goals in his career, which has recently become the most prolific player in international competitions by scoring 110 international goals (the previous record belonged to Ali Daei).  He has scored 57 hat-tricks in his career so far (scoring 3 goals in a single match is not a small and simple record at all, because many matches have no goals at all, let alone three of the goals To be scored by one person . )


2- Dismissal from school and starting football

At the age of 15, he was expelled from school. And did not continue his education. Many people continue in this situation without any hope. But with the encouragement of his mother, Cristiano Ronaldo shifted his focus to football and became one of football’s biggest and brightest names.


Top 10 incredible Cristiano Ronaldo facts - CR7 facts about life and career


1- Kind father

Ronaldo, when he is off the football field, spends a lot of time with his children and his wife. he is very close to his children, especially his eldest son, and he values ​him very much.


cristiano ronaldo facts


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