strawberry milkshake recipe : In this article, we will teach you how to prepare a delicious strawberry milkshake at home. We hope you enjoy. In total it may take 4 minutes.


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1/3 cup of milk

226 grams of cream

A cup of freshly sliced ​​strawberries.

Two and a half cups of vanilla ice cream


easy strawberry milkshake recipe - make one at home it delicious

Ingredients for simple decoration

small grinded Pieces of chocolate


Small or medium-sized strawberries

Strawberry milkshake recipe at home

Pour all the ingredients into the mixer except the ingredients for the decoration. Allow the ingredients to combine until a soft smooth mixture is obtained.
pour the milkshake into several glasses.

Simple strawberry milkshake decoration

Pour the cream over the milkshake and place the chocolate and strawberry pieces on top of the cream.
You can use smarties and cinnamon if you prefer.

What can be done to make strawberry milkshake smoother?

Adding more milk to your strawberry milkshake blender will soften it just as much.

Barista’s offer

Add a very small amount of cherry syrup (thick and without diluting) to the milkshake, which will both make it more beautiful and taste better .

This shake should be served immediately.


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