Why do engineers have low salaries? What is the solution? What is the reason for the low salaries and low income of engineers? Your answer is in this article. The solution to this issue is not in the hands of other people The solution is in the hands of the engineers themselves. That is, the engineering community needs to work together to solve this issue. So we suggest you send this article to your engineer acquaintances.


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The reason for the low salaries of engineers

1- A large number of engineers according to the needs of society

This one cannot be fixed easily. Because the university engineering course is short. Many people have been attracted to this field over the years. As a result, the number of engineers has exceeded the needs of society. And this will increase job competition in this field. And for this, engineers have to accept hard and time-consuming work with low salaries. Because it is better than nothing anyway.

Also, various courses and training classes outside of universities can prepare people for engineering jobs without the need for a university degree. Which doubles this competition.

Perhaps the solution to this issue is in the educational system. For example, if universities offer more advanced engineering courses, not only will fewer people be attracted to the field, but the quality of the university will be higher than the educational classes, and as a result, businesses will prefer to have more university-educated people than the none educated.  For example, universities don’t offer website development or AutoCAD software or….  to students (except in the extracurricular program) but educational classes and courses cover this issue.


The reason for the low salaries of engineers compared to other educated people in the world

2. Engineers themselves reduce their value

This is the answer to why engineers have low salaries. Suppose you are asked for a project, which makes working hard for a month. But instead, they offer you a couple of thousand dollar wages. Of Course, you should not accept this project, But engineers do. There are many reasons for this. For example, the person who offered you the job knows that there are a lot of job-seeking engineers right now. And if you do not accept, another engineer will be found in the shortest possible time to accept the work and get even lower wages and guarantee the best quality. And the same thing happens out there. And this causes the price and rate of income for engineering projects to go down. Because businesses know that they can have the best expectations by offering low wages, but engineers accept this situation and lower their level.

The solution is obvious. We suggest you turn down low-paying jobs. Of course, this is not possible with a small number of people, and the entire engineering community must work together in this matter. But if the turn down these projects, Businesses have to raise their suggesting wages until someone finally accepts the project.

3. Engineers do not know the value of their work

Imagine the world without engineers for a second. then there would be no factory and damn, As a result, the production of cities and countries decreased. Telephone, internet, and electricity lines either did not exist or did not work properly if they did exist. No hospital was built, and even if it was built, they did not have essential tools. As a result, the death rate of countries was rising. Construction was declining as a result there would be rising prices and the reducing number of houses and apartments. Even agriculture, mining, and textiles were declining, no spacecraft landed on the moon, and people were still traveling on horses. Oil could not be extracted, and if it was extracted, it could not be turned into plastic and ….. There were no websites, games, or software for the modern world today. If engineers knew the value of their work, they would never be under the burden of their current salaries.


4- Misconception of the market

The fourth answer to why engineers have low salaries is the misconception about the job market. Engineering is a field that one should not enter the market with just a university degree. This means that engineers must invest in their knowledge, read books, and take courses to become more and more proficient in their profession. But unfortunately, most engineers only want to enter the market with their degree. This has led to the fact that over time, companies and employers have been hiring university engineers with low skills, and based on their low skills, they have misjudged all engineers. And this is one of the biggest reasons why companies are turning to professionals outside of universities instead of universities. This means, for example, that a person with a degree in architecture from a good university and good grades is less likely to be employed than a person with a degree in AutoCAD.

The solution is simple. Engineers need to invest in themselves and not hope for a good job based solely on their degree.


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