How to make a preserved rose at home ?  What is a preserved Rose ? Everything about the eternal rose . In this article, we will show you all the tips and tutorials on making a preserved rose at home.


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What is preserved Rose or Eternal Rose?

preserved rose or evergreen rose is a rose that its lifespan has been chemically extended. Depending on the type of rose, these methods can be embalming, chemicalizing, dehydrating, etc. eternal rose varies in the type of rose, rose color, box shape, production method, etc. This rose is used today as decoration and gift.

what is eternal rose & how to make preserved rose at home ?

What is the symbol of eternal rose symbol ? & Why rose?

The rose itself is a symbol of love. And the eternal rose is a symbol of eternal love. The idea of ​​the eternal rose and perpetuating the rose is taken from the old animation “Beauty and the Beast”.

Roses are very diverse and popular among the people. As it is a symbol of love, it is given as a gift on various occasions.


Is immortal rose artificial?

No The production process of this flower depends on its method. But in all methods of immortalizing roses, a natural flower is used. this flower is mummified or dehydrated using chemical, scientific and traditional methods.


Special gift and luxurious eternal rose

The rose is a symbol of love. And it is one of the main gifts for couples during special days like Valentine’s Day or anniversary. But the rose, like any other flower, soon withers.

So as a special gift for someone you love. It can be an eternal rose, meaning that your love is eternal and never dies. The beautiful boxing of this rose and its uniqueness have made this luxorious rose a special gift.

what is eternal rose & how to make preserved rose at home ?

What color is the preserved rose?

There are several colors of preserved roses out there. From natural colors of roses such as pink, red and white to artificial colors such as seven-color, blue and black roses.

The most popular perennial roses are black and seven-color roses.


How long do roses live, How to mummify roses to be eternal ?

Roses usually last up to one to two weeks out of the soil. And the reason for the wilting of this flower is the release of water vapor through the stems and petals of the rose in a massive and rapid manner.

Also, the presence of oxygen and bacteria cause the flowers to wither.

Now there is a way to immortalize roses at home. cover or mummify roses to prevent the flower from coming into contact with oxygen and leaving water vapor.

Or chemical methods that remove water and moisture from the flower in such a way that it no longer damages the flower tissue over time.

what is eternal rose & how to make preserved rose at home ?


How to make a preserved rose at home ? How to make an eternal rose and how to prepare an immortal rose at a low price

Unfortunately, the price of this beautiful gift is highly dependent on the brand, so its price can be so high.

That’s why in this article we decided to teach you how to make a preserved rose at home.

Note: The preserved rose has high durability and longevity, but does not reach the durability of the original eternal roses.


  • A branch of a roses
  • Depending on the method of making, you have two choices: solid crystal paraffin, or silica gel
  • A glass box or custom box with a number of sheets of Plexiglas (the box should not have any penetration)
  • A metal can to the height of half your flower (such as cans, etc.)
  • Boiling water
  • Decorating

what is eternal rose & how to make preserved rose at home ?

Method one – Mummify the rose with solid paraffin

Crush solid paraffin

paraffin should be Enough to put a layer of paraffin on your roseCrush the paraffin, making one-inch pieces from it. they should be tiny pieces to avoid paraffin pellets.


Melt the paraffin

Melting the paraffin should be done slowlySo that its temperature does not rise rapidlyFor this reason, place the paraffin in a metal can and place the can in boiling water so that they melt slowly due to indirect heat.


Remove withered and damaged petals of roses

These dead petals not only ruin the appearance of the work. But also, in the future, they can fall and shorten the life span of flowers.


Immerse the flower in melted paraffin

Paraffin should not have a high temperatureOtherwise, it will damage the flowerDip flower from head into warm paraffin, dip multiple times(not too many times) pausing between each time to allow paraffin to drythen Remove the flower quickly and rotate to remove excess paraffin droplets.

The disadvantage of this method is that the petals stick to each otherYou can pass the flower through the mouth of a beverage bottle without touching the petals (causing the paraffin to be removed and finding a way for water vapor to escape)Until the weight of the petals causes them to separate from each other.then using a droplet , cover the uncovered petals with parrafin.

Then put the flower bottom inside the paraffin and take it outThis is important because it prevents water vapor from escaping from the stems.

If the flower has leaves or you have cut its leaves. dip cut-parts and leaves into paraffin.

Let the paraffin dry. At least a few days.

Put flowers and decorations in the box.

what is eternal rose & how to make preserved rose at home ?


Method 2 – Dehydrate with silica gel

Put the flower in a container

This container should be slightly taller than the flowerAnd the flower can be placed easily and without pressure insideThe container should not have any hole.

Pour the silica gel into the container.

Pour the gel into the container until the flower is completely covered by the gelThis gel has the ability to absorb moisture and causes the water inside the flower to dry quicklyIn such a way that its tissue is not damagedSo the tininer the gel, the more it has access to the areas around the flower.

Let the flower remain in the yolk for one day.

Gently pour out the silica gel.

Drying the flower makes it extremely brittle, which is the disadvantage of this methodYou should remove the gel so slowly that the petals are not damaged.

After removing the flower gel, take it from the stem and rotate it to remove the remaining silica particles from the sides of the flower.

Put the flower in the box with your decorations.

How long do these methods last?

If you follow the following conservation conditions, your handmade rose will last at least 4 to 5 years.

what is eternal rose & how to make preserved rose at home ?

conservation conditions of eternal roses

  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • keep out of touch of water or moisture.
  • Do not spray water on the flowers.
  • Do not water the flowers.
  • Reduce the humidity of the environment as much as possible. Store in a dry place.
  • The ambient temperature should be low. (Especially if you made it with paraffin)
  • Do not spray any liquid or oil on the flowers.
  • Do not open the tank. Do not let the oxygen spoil your flower.


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