facts you didnt know about Heath Ledger Joker : Batman movies were always so much popular among the audience. but the Nolan trilogy , was somehow special or bold between all of them. there is one specific movie in Nolans trilogy that included joker as batman’s arch enemy. this movie was the last of the heath ledger. as the actor of the joker. we included the top 10 facts that you didn’t know about heath ledgers joker. many of these facts are about heath while they were filming this movie.


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10 facts you didn’t know about Heath Ledger Joker

10. The actors were afraid of Heath Ledger while filming.

michael Caine, who starred in almost every Batman movie had admitted that Heath Ledger had become very frightening. Before Heath Ledger, many accepted that Jack Nicholson was the best joker. But Michael Caine said the main difference between the two was that the Joker played by Jack Nicholson was more like a clown, but Joker that Heath Ledger portrayed as an enemy of society.
Also in the scene where the Joker goes to Bruce Wayne’s house to catch Harvey Dent. Maggie Gyllenhaal could not even look at Heath’s face.


Top 10 unbelievable facts you didn't know about Heath Ledger or Joker

9- Heath Ledger wanted the role of Batman.

Not only Heath but most of the actors on the scene thought he was the best choice for the role of Batman, but it did not happen and he got joker’s role and caused Heath Ledger to became a myth.


8. He was imprisoning himself.

to better understand his role, he imprisons himself in a room to distance himself from society. To be able to immerse himself as much as possible in the role of an anti-social psychic like the Joker. He imprisoned himself for 43 days.


Top 10 unbelievable facts you didn't know about Heath Ledger or Joker

7. Joker’s Notebook

Heath was so engrossed in his role that he did not take a break from being a joker. He wrote his role’s thoughts in a notebook. And he carried it with himself everywhere. In this booklet is a list of things that the Joker wanted to do.


6. He asked Christian Bale to hit him

There is a scene in the movie where Batman beats the Joker violently during interrogation. Heath had asked Batman actor Christian Bale to actually beat him without acting. Something that frightened the cast but he rejected the request with a laugh.


Top 10 unbelievable facts you didn't know about Heath Ledger or Joker

5. Heath created some parts

Some parts and dialogues of Heath Ledger were not in the script. But Heath Ledger made them. These parts were so good that Christopher Nolan did not oppose them but also encouraged them. For example, applauding when Gordon was promoted is one of these awesome parts.


4. His tragic suicide made the film a success

People were eager to see his latest role. It was rumored that he had committed suicide due to depression that came from his role. This doubled the charm of the film.


Top 10 unbelievable facts you didn't know about Heath Ledger or Joker

3- The masks used in the heat from the bank were crafted by Heath Ledger

What makes these masks more symbolic is that those masks were the same mask that Cesar Romero wore in the Joker’s first appearance on a TV series.


2. The hospital explosion was Heath’s decision

The Joker did whatever he wanted. And that affected Heath Ledger as well. While the agents of the scene had decided to delay the explosion a little, Hath Larger decided that the explosion would take place as he was leaving the hospital and pressed the explosion button at will.


Top 10 unbelievable facts you didn't know about Heath Ledger or Joker

1- Skating on stage

Heath wanted to play his role as much as possible. When the filming was over, he did a lot of crazy things with his makeup in Joker costumes. These include skating with clothes and makeup on stage.

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