Facts about Lionel Messi: Lionel Messi is one of the brightest names in the history of world football. Whether you are a Real Madrid fan or a Barçelona fan, even if you are not a fan of football or any team, you probably agree that Messi has a tremendous talent for football. We have listed 10 amazing facts about this player in this post. Maybe you enjoy.


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10 facts about Lionel Messi

10. Has not won any international award

This is unkind! As one of the greatest stars in the history of world football, one of the smartest and most talented footballers, Lionel Messi has never won an international award (except for the Under-20 World Cup and an Olympic gold medal and the Guinness World Record). Of course, in 2014, 2015, 2016, he was nominated for international honors, but he did not succeed.


top 10 unbelievable facts about Lionel Messi

9- Guinness World Record holder

In 2012, Messi broke the record for the highest number of goals in a year. He managed to score 91 goals in 2012 and set his name in the Guinness Book of Records.


8- 2 & 6

In the eighth place, of the facts about Lionel Messi are some of his honors. This popular football player has won 6 golden balls and 6 golden shoes. He won the golden balls in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2019 and won the Golden Shoe in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019.


top 10 unbelievable facts about Lionel Messi

7- He has scored more than 700 goals so far

Messi is known for his number of goals. He has played for Barcelona and the Argentine national team since the age of 17, and has scored nearly 700 goals so far. He has been honored with the titles Mr. La Liga (also a record 50 goals in 2011 and 2012), Mr. Copa del Rey and Mr. Argentina .


6- king of El Clasico

All of Lionel Messi’s hat tricks have been fantastic, but two of them will always be remembered by Barçelona and Messi fans. One was his first hat-trick against Real Madrid in 2007 (3-3) when he was just 19 years old. And the same thing happened again against Real Madrid in 2014 (it was 3-4) on the same day, breaking the record of 18 goals in the derby. It is interesting to know that the previous record also belonged to an Argentine footballer, Alfredo Di Stefano.


top 10 unbelievable facts about Lionel Messi

5- Mr. Hat-trick

A hat trick means scoring 3 or more goals to the opposing team in just one match. This is not a normal case at all! Many matches do not have a total of 3 goals! let alone, one person scoring three goals! But this has become normal for a person like Lionel Messi (and Cristiano Ronaldo).

Lionel Messi has scored more than 53 hat-tricks .


4- He presented all his goals to his grandmother!

In the fourth place of the facts about Lionel Messi , is one of Messi’s beautiful habits. Remember, Messi has scored more than 700 goals! And every 700 times, he automatically raises his hand to the sky and it seems like he is praying, but in reality he does not pray. He presents every goal he scores to his late grandmother. A lady named Celia Olivera Cochitini. The lady who was the first to notice Lionel’s talent, and took him to the football field for the first time.


top 10 unbelievable facts about Lionel Messi

3- Competing with Diego Armando Maradona

Many times, rightly or wrongly, Lionel Messi has been compared to Maradona. specifically comparing Messi’s performance in 2007 with Maradona’s legendary performance in 1896 against England.

It is interesting to know that Maradona and Messi were in the same team in 2010 (coach and player of the Argentine national team in the World Cup in South Africa). It is rumored that Maradona also taught Messi several of his own techniques that year .


2- The legend of two countries

At the beginning of Messi’s presence in Barcelona, ​​Spain was very eager for Messi to be in the national team of this country and he was invited to this team. But young Messi declined because he dreamed of following in the footsteps of Argentine legend Diego Maradona. And become the memorable star of his country’s national team Argentina. Argentina managed to prepare an empty place on Argentina’s youth national team for Messi in his team, and this was the beginning of Messi’s path to shine in the Argentine national team.


top 10 unbelievable facts about Lionel Messi

1- Paper napkin contract

In 2000, the famous Barcelona agenty Carles Rexach  traveled to Rosario, Argentina, to analyze the talent of a young man. This 12-year-old Argentine boy was Lionel Messi.  Carles Rexach As a former coach and player, had a lot of experience in exploring talent and working with young footballers. When he saw Messi’s skill and talent, he was so excited that he quickly hired Messi and wrote his contract on a piece of paper napkin.

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