first impression tips or tricks for any kind of appointment is provided here . first impression has the biggest impact in the meeting . this is the important topic of this Irabrod article. At the first meeting, people usually record their most central thoughts about the person in their mind, which may never change…

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first impression tips and tricks for Before the meeting

1- Prepare questions and talking points in advance.


determine in advance what you want the person to know And things you want to know about the person on your first visit.

In this case, you will be more prepared to direct the conversation and you will show self-confidence. This is very useful in a job interview. Prepare and answer the questions for yourself in advance.


2 – Set a goal.


Before the meeting, ask yourself: What do I want in this meeting? What do I want from this person? This will direct your speech. And if you do not reach other goals, do not worry.

Goals must be logical and achievable. For example, “I want to be hired with a salary of 4 Thousand dollars “Or” I want to be close friends with this person. They are good. But “I want to be hired and given a Medal of appreciation.” or “I want to travel to London after the meeting with this person.” They are exaggerated golas. and most probably you cant achieve these goals , therefor you may get stressed out and ruin everything.

first impression tips and tricks for job interview , date or friendly meeting


3- Prepare a summary of your introduction in mind.


What you say in your introduction is important. For example, in formal meetings, it is better not to talk about your hobbies, because it makes you look irrational, and no matter how hard you try in the future, you may not succeed in changing this way of thinking. Or in a friendly meeting if you talk about your abilities and skills. It causes narcissistic thinking. Or you do not need to introduce your family when hiring.

4- Treat yourself and be handsome.

Before you open your mouth, before a person can smell your perfume, before anything else, their eyes will roll away from you.
for example clothes, shows whether you are a serious person or not.
In a friendly match, your clothes show how much youre warm or friendly or how you match the person.

5 – set the meeting where fits your mood.

Space affects people a lot. You can’t run a business appointment well in a crowded environment. And it has a huge impact on the person you meet.
first impression tips and tricks for job interview , date or friendly meeting

first impression tips and tricks for during the meeting

1- say hello.

Shake hands properly. Squeeze your hand slightly. And look into the eyes of the person when shaking hands.
According to the type of meeting, greet the person

2-  a smile.

Smiling reduces stress in people. In non-business meetings, as much as you have stress, the person also has stress, and a pleasant smile can reduce his/her stress. A smile means “Calm down, welcome to my world”

3- body language

Body language sometimes conveys the messages we hide on our behalf. For example, closed arms in a friendly meeting as it can be conveyed as a guard or distrust. Or in a business meeting, the palms of your hands should be shown, which means that you are straight and honest.

4 – Listen more.

Just as you want to introduce yourself and give tips, so do the people in front of you. Your manager intends to introduce the Company or its background. Your friend wants to introduce himself/herslef. When they respect you and listen to you, you should respect them as well and somtimes be quiet and give them time to say whatever they want. youre in a meeting not a speach.
A series of rules such as not interrupting the other party even in a warm and friendly atmosphere is an important issue.let alone the work appointments. be polite .

5- scheduling.

Do not arrive too early (you may be considered unemployed). Do not be too late (to look irresponsible). And if the appointment is over, do not wait too much.
We wish you success.


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