How To Speed ​​Up Your Computer – Here are 15 simple ways to get your Windows up and running very quickly. Just try any of the following methods that interest you.


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15 tips on how to speed up my computer or laptop for any version of windows

super easy guide on how to speed up computer for any version of windows

15- First check your hardware

Some hardware, especially hard drive, and RAM have a significant effect on computer speed.
Search for the name of your hard drive and see how fast it is. If it does not have the desired speed, you should replace it. But the following solutions can also have a good effect.

Right-click on Start and select device manager. Click on disk drives. The name of the device that appears below is the name and type of your hard drive. Search for its name here .

If your hard drive specifications are much slower than other hard drives, the biggest reason is your computer’s slowness.


14- Install the drivers

Many computer calculations are performed by hardware such as graphics cards, and if the driver is not installed, it can not perform well.
Especially if you do not have the right speed and fps during design or game.
make sure that you have the latest graphic card drivers installed.


super easy guide on how to speed up computer for any version of windows

13- Battery settings

If you have set your battery settings to power saver. Your laptop tries to put less energy into the performance, thus slowing down the laptop.
Here you have to choose between speed and battery.
If the battery is preferable for you, the same power saver is better.
If both are important to you, power balance is better.
If speed is more important to you, choose high performance.
To do this, press the start button and search the control panel.
Select hardware and sound from the options.
Then select the power option.
Click the show additive plan.
Now select your desired battery mode from the options.


12- Startup applications

on 12th tip on how to speed up my computer , we focus on speedup speed.This is one of the best solutions for you if your Windows PC boot time is very slow.
There are a number of applications that start preparing and running before Windows starts, which takes a long time for Windows to boot.
Press the Start button or click on Start, then search for the word task manager and select it.
Click the more details option to enter the startup section.
In this section comes the name and impact of each of the programs we mentioned.
First check those that are high and disable the options that are not needed (do not disable essential applications such as antivirus),
then go to medium and then go low. Disabling lows does not have much effect.


super easy guide on how to speed up computer for any version of windows

11- Disable unnecessary Windows services

As you work, Windows monitors your performance and tries to give you tips that suits you, but these are all additional overheads for your computer that slow down your computer.

You can go to Start and search for settings. Go to the system section and then nottifications and actions. At the bottom of the page, there is a notifications section. By unchecking Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Window, these services will be disabled.


10- Prevent Onedrive

There is a cloud system for Microsoft files that always tries to update Microsoft files on your computer. This is the biggest reason for the slow opening of Microsoft Office applications. But it causes it to be updated. It also helps keep a copy of your files on the Internet so that your file is never lost .

These services are very valuable, but they slow down Microsoft Office and Windows. If you decide to disable it, there is an onedrive icon in the bottom bar of your desktop to the right of it (if not, click the small tick to the right of the bar) that looks like a cloud. Right click on onedrive. And select the setting section and then account and select unlink this pc and then unlink account.

But if you want to disable these services. When you right-click on the icon, select more and select pause syncing. Then select the number of hours you want this service to be paused.


9 – Turn off search indexing

The computer always tries to check the hard drive and its various parts. If you have searched for a file, the system has already identified its location. If you disable this service, your search will take some time, but your Windows speed will increase dramatically.

To activate the search index you have to press the start + R buttons (the start is the window button at the bottom left of the keyboard) In the window that opens, type services.msc and press Enter. In the window that opens, look for either windows search or indexing service. Double click on it and then hit stop. Now restart the computer.


super easy guide on how to speed up computer for any version of windows

8- Organize the memory

 on 8th tip on how to speed up my computer , we focus on memory . Part of memory is the space needed for a computer to function. Not only is the computer extremely slow when the memory is full. It may not work well.

Always try to have at least 10% of your memory drives ( especially C drive ) empty.

If you empty your download folder and desktop folder a bit and empty the recycle bin, you can free up some space, but we suggest that you avoid increasing the installation of programs that you do not need and downloading excessively, and if your hard drive is full. Check each of its folders and delete the folders you do not need.

Windows itself has a number of services to free up memory space. Go to Start and search for setting in the system section and then change the storage mode from off to on. This will automatically delete files that you have not used for a month.


7- Empty your registry

The registry is a kind of history of your laptop. Where almost everything is stored. This is why Windows is fast at first but slows down after a while because the registry even keeps  track of programs that have been deleted and this makes it very bulky and slow over time.

To do this, you must download and use registry cleaner programs. But this is extremely dangerous and not recommended. But if you really want to do this, copy and have a copy of it before using the programs or emptying the registry. To do this, press start + R and type regedit.ext Select the export option from the file menu. Then be sure to select the all option. And save. This is a copy of your registry file. Now you can activate your registry cleaner.


super easy guide on how to speed up computer for any version of windows

6- Disable Windows animations

Even within a game is the heaviest processing for animation and shadows and visual effects. What about Windows. When windows open, which changes size from a small window to a large window, or when you pull a window aside, this shift happens smoothly, these are all animations, and as You see, they are not few.

But if you disable this feature, the beauty of your Windows will be greatly reduced . But it speeds up Windows a lot for you. If performance is more important to you. Disable this option. But if your computer is new and advanced. This will not have much effect.

To deactivate, press start + R and type sysdm.cpl and press Enter. Select advanced and click on settings in the performance section .

In the box in this window, you can see all the graphical capabilities of Windows. Disable any you do not need.

But if you do not know which one to disable. The following features have the greatest impact on Windows:

  • Animate controls and elements inside windows
  • Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing
  • Animations in the taskbar
  • Fade or slide menus into view
  • Fade or slide ToolTips into view
  • Fade out menu items after clicking
  • Show shadows under windows

You can also click on adjust for best performance so that Windows automatically balances performance and beauty.


5- Disable transparency

This feature is only available for Windows 10 and 8. It is related to the transparency of the desktop bar or start window, etc. This small feature has a huge impact on older computers.

To deactivate at startup, search for the word settings and click. In the personalization section, then scroll down and disable the transparency effect.


super easy guide on how to speed up computer for any version of windows

4- Enable automatic Windows optimization

on 4th tip on how to speed up my computer , we focus on windows optimization . This feature checks your computer every day to make sure everything is working fine. This feature ensures that your computer is at its highest performance.

In the initial state, this feature is on. But you may have accidentally and unintentionally disabled it .

Search for the word control panel at startup. In system and security, go to security and maintenance. In the maintenance section below automatic maintenance, check the box. And when you want the review to be done (preferably when Windows is on but you have nothing to do), select it and that’s it.


3- Bluetooth

Bloat ware, adware, and worm are three types of viruses and unwanted installed programs that consume Windows resources in vain. That is, while your Windows is supposed to run only the Office program, it is running There are several other unwanted programs.

The solution is very simple. Scan your Windows thoroughly with antivirus from time to time.


super easy guide on how to speed up computer for any version of windows

2- Defrag the hard drive

Degrading means preventing parts of the hard drive from fragmenting. The more you use the hard drive, the more fragmented it becomes. When it gets fragmented, Windows keeps each file in different parts and takes a long time to recover and put them back together. This is the biggest reason why your programs run late .

At the start, search for the word defrag and select it. Click change settings and select the run check on a schedule check box. Then choose to defragment the hard drive daily, weekly, or monthly .


1- A system that stays on for a long time

Windows uses a lot of RAM and does not have a powerful swapping capability between hard drive and RAM. This means when your computer has been on for a long time, or when you simply close the door when leaving the laptop instead of turning it off. Or you just slip your computer instead of shutting it down. Not only do you do a lot of damage to your device, but your RAM fills up and your computer slows down.

Rome will only be empty if it does not get electricity. Turn off your computer when done.


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