how to make iced americano at home ? – what is iced americano? we are going to provide an iced americano recipe and answer these questions in this article.

most of us love caffeine or espresso. they not only taste good, and smell good, but also give us the energy we need to make the day until the night. in the coldness of winter or, sometimes autumn, these hot drinks are so enjoyable, but can we have the same feeling towards these drinks in summer and its hot weather? then what should we do?

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What is Iced americano?

Iced americano is a cold drink from the espresso family. This drink is great for people who like caffeine and cold drinks. This drink is the best choice for caffeinated drinks in summer.

so still we can enjoy an espresso in hot weather, right? but how can we prepare a cold espresso at home? to answer this question, continue reading the next paragraphs.

Ingredients for making Iced Americano

cool water


Espresso beans

Espresso machine


How to make Iced americano : the recipe

With the espresso machine, we prepare the espresso. Finally, let the espresso cool for ten minutes. If there is too much espresso, it will spoil and taste bitter. do not let the espresso to cool much longer it can spoil your drink.

Pour ice and water into a glass.

Add espresso to the water and ice mixture. mix the mixture a little bit.

Your Iced americano is ready.


Barista suggestion

Iced americano is bitter. It is better to add a little cream to Ice americano.

Ice americano can be served with chocolate or honey.


do you like espresso? you like your espresso cold or hot?  what about iced americano? share your lovely comments with us in the section below. and thank you for visiting our site and reading our article.



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