does joker kill batman ? well most of the times there is a cycle in comics , the superhero defeats a bad guy , the villain escapes or gets into jai; until some time in future he will come back with another evil plan . but some ti,es this cycle breaks. and the hero or villain kill each other. and batmans stories are not exceptional. here are 10 time that joker defeated batman.


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10 times that joke died , batman or heroes killed the Joker


10 times the Joker wins . does Joker kill Batman ?

10- The dark knight issue comic 65 to 85

This comic shows the details of Batman being killed by the Joker, who explodes dynamite in his face and throws his body into the river. But without Batman, the Joker is slowly regaining his mental health.


10 times the Joker wins . does Joker kill Batman ?

9 – Batman the Brave and the Bold

This will happen in the future. When the Joker is accidentally killed by Batman in a battle. Batman retires and marries Selena Kyle. But the Joker’s son returns to avenge the Joker. he kills bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle. But her son, Damien, survives, and the Joker and Batman stories start all over again. Between their children.


8- whatever happened to the cape crusader

Batman’s companions and enemies gather at once to admit how (or who realy) they killed Batman in this complex story. People like Robin and cat Woman (Selena Kyle) and even Alfred and finally the Joker each tell their own story.

The Joker explains that he injects him with a funny chemical and Batman smiles. The Joker injects more and more until Batman overdoses and dies.


10 times the Joker wins . does Joker kill Batman ?

7- Endgame

In this story, the Joker can heal and somehow becomes immortal. so he intends to kill Batman. He fights Batman in caves at the bottom of the city and eventually causes the cave to collapse on these two.


6. Who killed Batman?

In this very old comic, Batman is dead and all the criminals in the city are arrested to be interrogated who killed him. Each of them confesses to his story until that joker explains that he poured acid on Batman and injected him with poison gas to kill him.


10 times the Joker wins . does Joker kill Batman ?

5- Emperor Joker

This is a comic book series of Superman stories in which the Joker transforms into an invincible enemy and rules Gotham like an emperor with superpowers and intends to kill Batman and Robin.

The Joker catches Batman and tortures and kills him, then recovers him and kills him again and again.

4- Dark Knight

Of course, Batman does not die here. But as we watched in the movie. During a chase between the Joker and Harvey Dent, Batman intervenes and eventually wins. And when he rides his motorbike towards the Joker, he can’t overtake him and he crashes and falls unconscious until the Joker goes to the defenseless Batman with a knife, who might have killed him if Gordon had not intervened.

3- The Dark Knight returns

The Joker regains consciousness from a coma and gets a fight with Batman. In this long story written by Frank Miller, the Joker wins at the end. Perhaps this is the bloodiest fight between the Joker and Batman, in which Batman blinds and wounds the Joker with his blades, and in the end, the Joker breaks his neck with a laugh. But this causes Batman to be hated and to lose his popularity and heroism, which is caused by Prose Joker after his death.

2. A death in the family

In this series of Batman animated series. Joker kills Robin by beating him to death with a bar and leaves him alone in a barn with a bomb. And before Batman arrives, the bomb explodes. And Jason Todd dies.

Also in these animations, the Joker manages to kill Gordon’s daughter, Bat Girl. Who shoots Gordon’s daughter in the the stomach in her apartment.

1- Deadly joke

This is the most popular comic among fans. Batman and the Joker laugh at the end of their lives. And they attack each other. At the end of the story, the Joker reaches out to shake hands with Batman (his hand has an electric shocker) and then the story ends. But everyone knows what will happen.

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