laptop buying guide for gaming working study or designing : In this article, we will tell you the tips for buying a laptop. so you can buy a cheap laptop at a better price that meets all your goals.


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A quick laptop buying guide , if you have not time to read

By a medium budget, a 12.5- to 14-inch core i5 laptop (if you get a core i7) with a 1366 x 768 display and 8GB of RAM and SSD memory (memory size is small, you can make up for it later with an external hard drive) and a graphics card Buy RTX 2060 or Radeon RX 5700m.

Buy wifi6 support for stronger wifi or internet connection.

If you are a regular user, buy the Windows or Mac based laptops, and if you want to do research or your a programmer or a computer student, buy the Linux (Ubuntu) platform, and if you are a gamer, just buy the Windows platform. (You can change the operating system later, but it does not have the power of the default mode.)


10 Laptop Buying Tips – Detailed Laptop Buying Guide for gaming , working or all purpose

Best laptop buying guide for all purpose , gaming , working and design

10- laptop, notebook, or a pc?

If you do not want to carry your computer, make no mistake pc is a better option, pc has better processing power and speed than a laptop and is easier to upgrade. The only advantage of a laptop over a PC is its mobility.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money and your work includes light work such as typing and searching and does not include high processing work such as design and game, buy a notebook instead of a laptop. To satisfy your needs at a lower cost.


9- Choose your platform, Windows, Mac, or Linux

The fact that a laptop is offered for a specific platform means that it performs better for that platform. Of course, you can change the platform later. But it never achieves the performance of its original platform.

How do I know what platform my laptop is based on? Usually, the desired platform of each laptop is labeled on it. near the keyboard.

If you are not familiar with these platforms, we will provide a brief introduction here. if you are familiar , be free to continue reading laptop buying guide.

Windows platform

Windows is the most famous and widely used operating system in the world, provided by Microsoft. Almost all applications, browsers, and computer games now offer a version for Windows. so it is the most common os in the world.

That is why this platform is the best option for normal use such as design and gaming and any task that requires one or many special applications.

But the downside of Windows is that it gets more viruses than other platforms and is less secure.

Mac platform

You can not install Mac OS on non-Apple laptops  (except for a similar system called Hackintosh) Mac OS is provided for Apple laptops. Superb speed and high performance, as well as the security that somehow led Apple to claim that it does not get any kind of virus, are all advantages of the Mac.

This platform is a good option if you want a fast and secure laptop, especially for graphic and design tasks.

Mac can rarely be criticized. But one of the main drawbacks is that you may not be able to find every application (especiallygames) for this operating system.

Linux platform

The best open-source operating system in the world. But the hardest of them. This operating system requires a high level of computer knowledge.

The existence of terminals and linear commands and the possibility of high customization makes this operating system the best option for computer science students and those interested in this knowledge.

Weaknesses include the difficulty of working with this operating system, the lack of applications and games offered (but it has good alternatives). Nvidia graphics card and Asus laptops are not suitable for this operating system.


Best laptop buying guide for all purpose , gaming , working and design

8- Do you want laptops two in one?

Laptops that have a screen that can be detached from the keyboard are called two-in-one. These laptops have the capability and performance of both laptops and tablets at the same time (two devices in one product) and also have a touch screen.

But despite this advantage, the price of these laptops is higher.

7- Screen size and thickness

In a way, usually the bigger the screen, the thicker and heavier the laptop. The page size is divided into the following sections.

11 to 12 inches

The slimmest laptops on the market with a weight of one to one and a half kg and 11 to 12 inches (27 to 30 centimeters) screen

13 to 14 inches

This is the most balanced between size and thickness that both your laptop has a good weight and a good screen. Weighing about 2 kg and 13 l 14 inches (31 to 35 cm) in size

15 to 16 inches

The most popular category of laptop sizes is this category. Weighing two to three kilograms. These 15 to 16 inch (37 to 40 cm) screens were coined by Apple. But they are not very suitable for transportation.

17 to 18 inches

The best laptop for gamers who never leave the house. Ultra-wide screen 17 to 18 inches (42 to 45 cm) but very heavy, sometimes up to 6 kg.

6- Keyboard and touchpad

This is one of the most important parts for those who want a working laptop. When buying a working laptop, the typing speed and accuracy of the touchpad should be important to you. Try the keyboard and do make sure that by pressing the buttons go down 2 mm. there should be enough space between the buttons, not too much not too low. enough space that you can put both your hands easily next to each other on the keyboard. and not that much space so you can reach every button by the slightest movement of hands and fingers.

Test the touchpad so that the mouse pointer does not jump when you touch the touchpad.

Best laptop buying guide for all purpose , gaming , working and design

5- Required hardware specifications

No laptop buying guide is complete if it doesn’t talk about hardware. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a big deal. Because no matter how weak the hardware is, you can upgrade different parts of it later when you have the budget. That is, the hardware is interchangeable. But because some hardware is expensive to replace (such as memory and CPU) and that you may only want to buy a laptop once and not change it forever. Here we describe each of the necessary specifications for you.


If you have a limited budget, invest the most money on your hard drive, graphics card, RAM, processor, network card, sound card, and other components, respectively. (Unless you want a laptop for a specific application such as music, network and server…)



This hardware is the brain of the computer and is responsible for calculating and executing commands. But today it is less important than the graphics card because, with today’s CPU technology, even the cheapest type of CPU can do most of the known tasks well(2020). But not all tasks.

The best use of the CPU is in parallel work (run several programs at the same time and do not freeze.) It is also widely used in high-speed gaming and high processing.

Here is a list of the most popular and best types of CPUs:

Intel 10th Gen CPU

The 10th generation of Intel processors is divided into two categories, ice lake, and comet lake, which are 10-nanometer which are suitable for graphics processing (design and game), and 14-nanometer which are suitable for business processing.

These processors will figure out the next generation of computers

Intel Xeon: An extremely expensive processor built for large devices. it can literally do everything, whether gaming, 3D design, engineering, mass high-calculations, etc. But the price of this processor is very high and it consumes a lot of battery.

Intel Core i9 and  Intel Core i7: The best choice for gamers and designers are these processors. But they are more expensive than many other known processors. The core i7 y series CPU has slower execution speeds than k and HQ. HQ uses more battery and is great for gaming.

When buying, try to pay attention to the next number of CPUs. Try 10 to 10 CPU refers to the generations, for example, core 10 710U, which refers to the generation of comet lake and I7- Core 10 60G7 which refers to the generation of 10 ice lake.

AMD Ryzen 4000:  These CPUs can compete with core i7, core i5.

Intel Core i5: The best balance between price and performance. These processors are great for regular task laptops . Try to buy models that end in u. Because they are more general. For example (core i5 7200U) those that end with y have poor performance. But those that end with HQ consume more battery and are more suitable for casual gaming (not modern ones).

but these days they need for modern high processing applications and games are rising, making this type of processor a poor choice.

so we recommend to both save budget and satisfy your needs for regular (not modern and high demanding) games and apps, buy CPU Core i5 or Core i7.

Intel Core i3: The use of these processors is only slightly less than the core i5. But they have a better price.

Intel Pentium / Celeron: They have little use in today’s world. And it is not recommended at all for heavy work, especially game and design. But despite all these facts , the very low price makes it a good choice for light work such as typing and search.

AMD A, FX or E Series:  As before, it is only suitable for typing and searching and maybe they are the cheapest processors that you can find.




RAM is external memory that improves CPU performance. 64GB and 32GB RAMs may be cheaper in the future, but in today’s world, they are more than computers and applications requirements.

16GB and finally 8GB of RAM is the best option for laptop performance.

4 GB RAM is suitable for typing or searching . But not recommended for other applications.



Hard disk main memory

Undoubtedly the most important piece of hardware you have to think about. Because other components can be easily upgraded, but to upgrade this part, you may lose your previous information and programs.

If you can, try to get an ssd drive more than you pay for more storage, because your speed will triple. You can get an external hard drive for memory later.

keep in mind that many applications like , Microsoft SQL server and many games like modern RPG ones require high memory storage. so we recommend you have more than 500 Gigabytes of memory.

Among SSDs, PCIe x4, known as NVME, is three times faster than older SATAs.


Best laptop buying guide for all purpose , gaming , working and design

graphic card

If you do not want a laptop for gaming or design or other demanding tasks, you may not need this part at all. But the graphics card does not only smooth the laptop graphics, and in many respects performs the computing tasks of demanding applications like games, video edit programs, data science applications, and neural networks, can most of the times process these mentioned tasks faster than CPU. so for smoother gaming/working/designing experience, keep in mind to have a good graphic card.

Two big companies, Nvidia and AMD, are competing in this field.

In this case, graphics cards are divided into three categories:

Low to medium category: Usually mx250 and gtx1650 cards are used and have a lower price.

Medium category: rtx 2050 and rtx2060 cards

Above average: rtx 2070 and rtx2080 are more expensive and more efficient than other cards.

amd is very much welcomed by Apple. However, you should never choose a Mac for the game.  But recent AMD products like the Radeon Rx 5600m and RX 5700m can turn a regular laptop into a gaming laptop.



display or screen 

The bigger screen means more presentation. Something that is important for both gaming and design computers. Today, the majority of laptops, ie ordinary laptops, have a screen of 1366 × 768. But if you have a bigger budget, we suggest you invest in 1920 × 1080, ie full HD. Of course, there are more luxury options such as 2560 × 1600 or 3200 × 1800 or 3840 × 2160, which is known as 4k. But note that the larger the screen, the more battery it consumes.

If you want higher quality in addition to the large screen and do not care about the battery, focus on 100% OLED or srgb.




There are usb3 and hdmi ports for regular laptops. Now you have better options to choose from, such as usb type c

But usb4 is on its way to a much faster speed than other types




If the network and the Internet are very important to you. Especially if you are interested in online games. Try buying wifi6 support instead of 802.11ac.


Best laptop buying guide for all purpose , gaming , working and design

4- About the battery

on the fourth tip of laptop buying guide we explain batteries.Today, due to improper use of laptops and various demanding applications of laptops, battery life is reduced every day and there are fewer laptops that are not always connected to electricity.

But if you want a working laptop, the portability and long battery life should be important for you. So try to buy 8-hour or 7-hour batteries, but do not be fooled by the words of companies. read buyers’ opinions about batteries on laptop sales sites.

how to make android and apple batteries life last longer


3- Warranty

Be sure to focus on the warranty. Unfortunately, the price of laptops has gone up. And a laptop is a device that can be very fragile in case of a hardware malfunction or damage. Because of this, the chances of the laptop breaking down in one to two years are high. So in order to not to pay high costs again, make sure that your product has a guarantee of at least one year.


Best laptop buying guide for all purpose , gaming , working and design

2- Upgarde

If you do not have a large budget, try to reduce the main memory storage of your hard drive or RAM. So you can buy the laptop you want.

Because later you can upgrade your RAM by buying additional RAM and replacing it.

And later, with the purchase of an external hard drive, you can have up to a few terabytes more memory.

If you work with a laptop for a long time, be sure to buy a cooler so that your processor does not overheat.

Best laptop buying guide for all purpose , gaming , working and design

1- Brand

Laptops, like other products, have as high performance as their company’s reputation. The bigger the laptop brand, the better the laptop. There are currently four good brands for laptops that have worldwide market: Apple, Asus, Dell, and HP.


laptop buying guide and tips



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