clothes that make you look taller male : unfortunately there is not a guaranteed way to increase height. And this problem usually occurs for the person based on genes or nutrition. But the fact that we are short does not mean that we can not look tall. Here are seventeen solutions, which are well followed by famous actors and clothing models these can show you up to 5 cm taller. Stay with us.


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male clothes that make you look taller – how to look taller

stand straight

17- How to stand

How you stand affects not only your height but also your style and attractiveness. If you stand up straight, it will show you better, in the case of body language, standing straight will show you with confidence and it is even good for the health of your spine. The secret to standing right has always been clear. You have to walk, sit, and stand up straight, You should bring your abdomen in, your shoulders back, and your chest out (like a shield).


16- Do not wear loose/baggy clothes

In the sixteenth point of clothes that make you look taller, we will deal with loose clothes. The wider you are displayed, the shorter you look. The reason is that the more the eye moves in height or in vertical flow, the more you would look taller. And in the other hand, the more the eyes would move in width or horizontal way, the more it gives the impression of being overweight and short. Loose-fitting clothes have the same condition, they would give you width, therefore you would look shorter. in addition, somehow it seems that the clothes are bigger than your size. As a result, you look shorter(and maybe even younger) than you really are.


skilled tailor

15- Skilled tailor

you will have to pay a lot for this option. but If you like loose-fitting clothes, you do not have to leave them out completely. Find a skilled tailor, to sew your outfit to your liking. But consult with him/her, to give him/her the idea of how to sew your clothes loose, so that you do not look smaller, another advantage of this is that the clothes are sewn on your body, so it will be the best option for your style and type of body.


14- Being fit

A dress that is bigger for your body and you get lost in it, makes you look short and small, a dress that is short for you, although it makes you look taller, it makes you look inappropriate. Clothes should be fit. Not so big as to make you look short, not so short as to make you look tasteless. Usually, when you look at the clothes in the mirror, it is clear whether it is fit or not. But for each particular outfit, there is a specific set of rules. The shirt, for example, should be large enough that the bottom of the shirt does not fall below your thumbs when you put your hands in your pants pocket. And on the other hand, it should not be so short that it can not be put in pants. Or the T-shirt should never be taller than the middle of the crotch of the pants (except for special T-shirts that are designed long) and should not be so short that it is higher than a quarter of the crotch of the pants.


13- V collar is better than round collar  

If your goal is to look taller, you should keep in mind that a v- neck is better for you. The reason is exactly the same as mentioned above. When people’s eyes move on your clothes, if it is vertical or up and down (bottom to top), it gives the impression of being tall. And if the eye movement is transverse from left to right and right to left, it has the opposite impression. Although the collar is a very small part of clothes, the collar is always an important issue in dressing. The V-shaped collar helps the neck’s height impression and increases the longitudinal movement of the eyes on you and makes you look taller.   


12- Long sleeves are better than short sleeves

In the sixteenth point of clothes that make you look taller, we turn to the sleeves. although T-shirts, short-sleeved shirts, or shorts are comfortable, modern, and beautiful, if you want to show yourself taller, it is good to cover your arms and legs. One of the easiest ways to determine a person’s height is to determine the size of the legs, or forearms, arms, and legs. But when you wear long-sleeved clothes, your hands are hidden from view and people pay less attention to your height.

Keep in mind, if you want to roll up your sleeves, be sure to roll up to the top of your elbows, and bend them so that your sleeves are not so thick that they create a transverse view in your hands.


male tall clothes

11- Put your shirt inside your pants

You may think that this reduces the length of the shirt’s height and therefore you would look shorter. But it is not true. When your shirt comes over your pants. It would prevent your feet from being seen. Your legs have the biggest impact on how tall you look. And you should always show them taller (never wear shorts!) Even if you need to sacrifice the height of your shirt in this way. The reason legs are so important is that they are thin(less width) and also they are taller than your body. This means that both the longitudinal movement on the legs is good and they have less horizontal sight effect .


10- Pants are very vital

We talked a lot about the importance of pants before. That’s why the most important clothing that should fit you is your pants. You can have fit pants, but wear short or loose shirts. Again, the effect of the pants will be high enough to make you look a little taller. When buying pants, pay attention to the fabric, width and length of the pants. the length of the pants should not be too much. Nor should it be short enough to make you look irregular. Formal pants are good to be a little long and fall on formal shoes. (Unless you use boots.)


what clothes make you look tall

9- Use longitudinal accessories

Of course, you should avoid using accessories too much. Because it can divert the eye from focusing on longitudinal vision. But if you want to use accessories choose A good accessory that has a longitudinal shape. If you want to use a tie or bow tie, choose a tie. Consider slim tie models with minimal design (or at least no transverse design). If you use a handkerchief or flower, choose a flower. If you want to choose a necklace, bracelet or ring, choose a necklace (preferably choose v- shaped to round). 

Choose good gloves that do not contrast too much with the color of the sleeves, so they can make your hands look a little taller.

The belt can divide you into two parts. This will somehow cut off the longitudinal view from the top of the trunk to your pants. But there are solutions. Use belts that have a faded buckle (not shiny, metallic or shiny) that is close in color to your shoes and pants. belt is better to be as narrow as possible.


8- Hairstyles

In the eighth point of clothes that make you look taller, we will deal with the hairstyle. Choose a voluminous hairstyle. Use a hairdryer and brush to choose a hairstyle that will lift your hair a few inches. This will make your head a little taller so also does your height. Hats are also a good option. Hats can make you look a little taller, like a voluminous hairstyle. , even One centimeter more height is satisfying!



7- Shoes

So far we have made a longitudinal movement from the top to the bottom of your pants, now we have to take care of the shoes. Shoes, like other clothes, should not be much larger than your size. There are two things about shoes; First, the tip of the shoe should not be boxed or angled. It is good if it is gradually (not too sharp) triangular or so-called pointed. Second, socks and shoes should not be too contrasting in color with pants. This makes it difficult for the eye to distinguish between pants and shoes. And it seems that shoes are also a part of your pants and increase the longitudinal movement of the eye on the pants. It is good to use high-heeled shoes that will lift you a little.

Do not omit socks, this can cut off the longitudinal view of the pants to the shoes when your skin is visible.


6- A few points about the suit

The coat button (if there are two buttons, the top button) should be higher than the waist. The principle of the coat is that it completely covers the hips. But for the same reason as emphasizing pants, you should get a shorter coat, which can reach up to four-fifths of your hips. you may have to turn to a tailor for this Because this is against the principles of the market. Choose from fit or informal or Italian models of suits, which show a slimmer waist and a wider chest. This will reduce the transverse view of you. The width of the sleeves should not be too large.


healthy green apple

5- Health and diet

You may be short due to genetics or poor nutrition or any other condition. But your health and weight are completely in your own hands. If you are overweight, the lateral view on you will increase and make you look shorter. Therefore, be sure to consider that you have proper weight. For this purpose, be sure to exercise daily for a while. And eat good food.


4- designs and patterns

In the fourth point, clothes that make you look taller , we will deal with clothing designs, and patterns. Small or tiny pattern designs are much better than large and wide designs. Basically, do not look for patterned clothes too much. Choose clothes without patterns first, then with small designs and finally clothes with large designs. The best option for designing clothes and fabrics is longitudinal lines. These lines help to have a longitudinal view on the clothes. In these designs, prefer narrow lines to wide ones. Never choose circular designs, or wide horizontal lines (or any other transverse pattern), these designs will have the opposite effect on you.


3- What color shows the height taller?

Prefer dark colors to light colors. Because these colors absorb light and make you look slimmer or thinner. This phenomenon reduces the transverse view of you and makes you look taller. Also avoid shiny or bright clothes.

Preferably avoid black. Excessive use of black will make you look thinner and smaller more than required. Colors such as dark gray, charcoal, oil blue, and…. They will be good options.


2- Coordination of clothes

We have already mentioned the closeness of the color of the shoes and pants. Now we have to point out the harmony of all the clothes. If you use a T-shirt and pants with a very contrasting color, the longitudinal view from the T-shirt to the pants will be lost. And it makes you look shorter. For this reason, be sure to choose colors that are close to each other, or at least colors that are not contrasting.



1- Other general points

Your coat or shirt pockets should preferably be uncoated, and more deep than wide. Do not make clothes with very large buttons. If you use a scarf, place it more lengthwise on the shoulder and around the neck. Do not use very large and wide backpacks. Do not use bags that end around the waist.


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