most famous Russian tourist attractions – places to visit in Russia : with its cathedrals and churches, its history, its natural wonders, and milestones, with its unique classical music and literature, and with its famous ballerinas and theaters,Russia  has always been one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

In this list, we have listed and selected the 10 most famous and popular tourist attractions of this beautiful country. From natural attractions to breathtaking historical and artistic attractions .


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top 10 of the most popular and most famous Russia tourist attractions – unique places to visit in Russia

10- Trans-Siberian railway

One of the longest railways in the world is the Siberian Railway. From the west, the railway connects Moscow to Yekaterinburg in the east. In a way, it can be said that it connects the Chinese-Russian border to one of the westernmost Russian cities in Europe. This means that this railway is as long as Asias width. The construction of this railway also has an interesting history and process. It was first started by Tsar Alexander III in 1891. And was completed by his son Nicholas II in 1916. But the reason is that we put this railway on this not because of its length or beautiful railway with a beautiful history. The reason is that with this railway you can travel to the most beautiful parts of Russia in the shortest possible time. From Yekaterinburg, which has many natural and historical attractions (from the foothills to the Romanov family massacre) to Siberia itself, which has countless natural attractions.


Mount Elbrus

9- Mount Elbrus

Located in the Caucasus Mountains in southern Russia, with a height of nearly 5.6 km, this famous peak is considered one of the seven natural peaks in the world. For this reason, it attracts a large number of experienced or novice climbers every year. This is a volcanic mountain. Which has never erupted. The cable car system can also take you to different levels of the mountain. (Up to a maximum height of 3.8 km)


8- Valley of geysers

The Geysers Valley is the eighth most famous Russian tourist attractions in this list. The valley is located on the Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia. It is the second largest geyser land in the world. The valley was first discovered by local scientist Tatiana Austinova in 1941. From that time until now, this place has become one of the most visited places in Russia, which attracts a large number of ordinary and scientific visitors every year.


kizhi islan russian domes

7- Kizhi island

The island is located in Carlia. Located in northwestern Russia, near the Russian-Finnish border. And near the White Sea. The island is famous for its unique open-roof museum. The island dates back to the thirteenth century. And has nurtured a mix of Eastern and Western culture. That is why the museum of this island is a treasure trove of the most beautiful objects of these two cultures. The museum includes the 120-foot  Transfiguration Church of Our Savior  . A church with a special architecture that has 22 unique Russian domes. Apart from this beautiful church, the beautiful architecture of the site which is made of wooden buildings and mills, is very eye-catching .


6- St. Sophia Cathedral

As the oldest church in Russia, located in Novograd, the oldest city in Russia, this building has great historical value, besides, the beauty of this building is breathtaking. The old church is decorated with five beautiful Russian domes. The church also contains a treasure trove of Russia’s most valuable religious relics, one of which legends say saved the city of Novograd from enemy attacks in the 11th century.


lake baikal

5- Lake Baikal

This is one of the Siberian railway stations that you must get off at. Lake Baikal is the deepest and largest lake in the world. And it contains 20% of the world’s sweet water. This 35-million-year-old lake is located in Siberia and is surrounded by beautiful mountain bases that double its beauty. With different species of animals, and the reputation of the lake as one of the clearest lakes in the world, known as the pearl of Siberia, etc., all this has made this lake one of the most visited places in Russia.


4- Suzdal

Suzdal is the fourth most famous Russian tourist attractions of this list. As one of the oldest rings in Russia’s ancient cities, it is a living museum of Russian history. You can see everything Russia is famous for in this city, buildings, and castles with onion-shaped domes, cathedrals, and monasteries with unique architecture, classical music, and Russian theaters and… .


Moscow Kremlin

3- Kremlin of Moscow

As well as the treasures that are preserved inside it , both the architecture and the red walls of this magnificent building along the river are eye-catching. The Kremlin has long been home to Russia’s most powerful rulers. Apart from this, inside this strong castle, there are four beautiful cathedrals. Which were built in the 15th and 16th centuries. An old arsenal and a museum full of treasures that have been collected for years by the tsars and the Romanov family have added even more value to the castle.

2- Hermitage Museum

This beautiful museum was founded by the order of Catherine the Great in the 17th century. The Tsarist period in which Russia was in the golden age of its culture and art. This beautiful museum is a treasure trove of more than 3 million works of art. The building of this museum is also very spectacular, one of the 6 buildings that are included in this museum is called the Winter Palace, which was once the residence of the Russian tsars in St. Petersburg .


St. Basil's Cathedral

1- St. Basil’s Cathedral

The beautiful Church of St. Basil was built in the 15th century in Moscow. The exterior architecture of the church is more significant than the interior architecture. Because it is a unique and special architecture. This church has always been a symbol of Russia. Onion domes, and red walls, remind us of cathedrals and the Kremlin. The architecture of the church is like a roaring fire in the heart of the beautiful winter land of Russia and Moscow.


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