movies like Inception with unclear endings :  mystery or puzzle movies have recently become a very popular genre among both movies and TV series viewers and producers. This made us write this article for you. so continue reading with us a list of ten such kinds of movies like Inception, which you may enjoy.


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10 puzzle movies like inception with vague endings

top 10 of the best mystery movies with unclear endings like inception

10- inception

In 2011, the masterpiece and confusing movie of Inception occupied the minds of viewers for days and months. The audience tried so hard to understand this movie to a point that it made the audience return to the cinema many times so that maybe this time they would understand the flow of this movie’s story.

Going to sleep in the nightmares and falling asleep again in it, was the main complicated concept of this film. this twisted the films story in a way that you could not understand what incidents are real, and what are just a dream. The movie’s story is so twisted and complicated. you need to watch it many times to fully understand what actually happened.


9- moon

The moon was released in 2009 and attracted the attention of fans of space and mystery movies. Although the movie’s story had a linear flow and follows the same story from the beginning to the end. But at the end of the day, all your findings and conclusions seem wrong. As a result, you will not understand the general concept of the movie.


top 10 of the best mystery movies with unclear endings like inception

8- interstellar

interstellar is on the 8th place of the movies like inception with unclear endings. Even though Interstellar, unlike many other science fiction movies, has a truly scientific and realistic basis. the Interstellar does not bother to explain the scientific facts in this film at all. so it is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. And this makes you confused to understand some of what happened.


7- vertigo

A classical Hitchcock movie, this is without a doubt one of Hitchcock’s best films. Of course, Hitchcock always uses some enigmatic element alongside the horror atmosphere of his films. But none is as enigmatic as Vertigo.

The story of the film is based on a simple theory. Detective Scottie is hired by a friend to chase his wife. This chase turns into a vague and scary story. until this detective finds out that he has been used for an evil plan.


top 10 of the best mystery movies with unclear endings like inception

6- the machinist

One of the best Christian Bale role-plays ever happens in this movie. To fit his role as a killer, Christine Bell lost several pounds of weight. The film contains several surreal and unreal events that complicated the story of the film.

At first it may seem like that the unpleasant state of the murderer is because of not sleeping. But the real story of the film, like a puzzle, is hidden in its series of strange events.


5- pulp fiction

In 1994, the greatest masterpiece of one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema was released, Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino. The non-linear flow of the film’s story, the fragmentary expression of the movie, along with a large number of characters in this film, each one of them had its own part in twisting this movie. these all made us to put pulp fiction on the 5th place of the top 10 puzzle movies like inception with unclear endings.


top 10 of the best mystery movies with unclear endings like inception

4- shutter island

shutter island is one of the darkest and strangest mystery movies in the history of cinema. odd music with a strong tone and the atmosphere of an asylum makes the film a little scary. Two detectives are sent to an asylum on an island for an investigation, the more the case gets clear the more unpredictable and strange the story becomes.

The connection between the old events of the detectives’ lives and the events of the case takes this inspection out of their hands and strange things happen in such a way that at the end of the film, you do not believe the story of the film.


3- eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

The film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind follows the thoughts of Joel and Clementine. This is almost the whole story of the film. And it has boldly been the film’s greatest strength. But these strange thoughts, along with the unlinear flow of the film’s story, have made it a mystery film.

And another attraction of this movie is that all the pieces of the puzzle fit well together.


top 10 of the best mystery movies with unclear endings like inception

2- memento

What could be more strange than telling a story to a man who forgets what happens every morning? Along with this story, the beautiful story of the film and the special way of storytelling, which is unlike any other film on this list, has turned the film into a fascinating and difficult puzzle.


1- synecdoche, new york

The interesting thing about this movie is that it would kind of mock the viewer’s idea of ​​the film. And that after watching the movie, you will face more questions than the first or the during of the movie. vast majority of events, many differant characters, makes understanding of this movie more and more harder. You have to watch the movie many times so that you may fully notice the story.

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