moving statues caught on camera : The sculptures that moved on their own? Is it possible? a sculpture is basically a hard and lifeless body of art that is impossible to move without electricity. But some pictures or videos contradict this manner. In this article, we will examine the interesting facts of this subject.  this article is a sequel for moving statues part 1. make sure ti read it.


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top 10 moving statues caught on camera

10- Holy Mary in the north of Israel

In northern Israel, there is a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary from which a kind of healing oil is secreted. It is said that this oil has cured many patients. However, scientists have called this phenomenon a placebo. A placebo is a psychotherapeutic phenomenon that says because people like to believe that this oil cures them, their spirit of resistance increases and so their illness cures.

Top 10 Unbelievable Moving Statues Caught On Camera part2

9- The statue of Hindu Kali

Kali is a type of Hindu idol known as the destroyer of evil and the supporter of good. There is a video of this god’s statue that can be clearly seen that the statue is staring at us and its eyes move by the side to side movement of the cameraman. there is an explanation that the eyes of the statue are caved in a way to create such impressions.

8- haunted Spanish doll

on the eighth place of Moving Statues Caught On Camera is a haunted doll. A video was published on the internet many years ago. A Spanish girl holding a doll and says she hates her doll. And when she says her doll is ugly. The doll’s head turns towards her and reacts. The girl’s great fear shows that the possibility of the video being fake is low. But some say someone was controlling the head of the doll. Many deny this and claim that the doll has been haunted.

Top 10 Unbelievable Moving Statues Caught On Camera part2

7 – Holy Mary again

Most of the sculptures whose movement has been recorded are related to religious sculptures. There is a scary statue of the Virgin Mary, Which is filmed while she is crying blood. But it is said that a team investigating the statue, found that the sculptors had placed a device inside it that makes fake blood and pumps it out.

6- haunted Barbie

There is a video of a little girl playing with two Barbie dolls. The video looks quite ordinary, capturing a little girl playing with her barbie dolls. But at the end of this video, one of the Barbie heads turns so fast towards the little girl. scaring the girl as a result.

Several psychologists who reviewed the video claim that the girl was terrified and her reaction wasnt fake.

5- And again the Blessed Virgin Mary

In the first top 10 moving statues article, we had a lot of moving christ statues, and now it is the turn for the Blessed Virgin Mary. There is a video of a stone statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary that clearly shows that the statue opens and closes its eyes. No explanation has been provided for this video.

4- Statue of Krishna

On the fourth place of Moving Statues Caught On Camera, is Krishna, a religious moving statue in India. Krishna is one of the Hindu gods. Which is a symbol of femininity, sympathy, and compassion. In one of the CCTV videos, a statue of Krishna moves her cane by moving her hand.

3- Hanuman

Hanuman is another statue of a Hindu deity. Which is a symbol of endurance and energy. In one video, the cameraman places some milk in front of the statue’s mouth and it is clear that the milk that is in the spoon gradually decreases. So the statue seems to be drinking that milk. The only possible explanation for this sculpture is that they put some kind of suction system inside its head .

2- Jesus Christ

In New Mexico, a statue of Jesus Christ moves his head during a sermon. It was so shocking that the monk paused for a moment and then continued his speech. Many consider this statue and the monk’s reaction to be artificial and robotic. But Christians consider it a miracle from God.

1- Cemetery sculpture

A “stone” statue in a cemetery has been recorded as if it were shaking its eyelid. The sculpture of the statue and the absence of electric force negate the artificiality of the movement. Also, many filmmakers find it impossible that this video to be edited. The cause of the movemeny is still unknown .



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