statues caught moving on camera : The sculptures that moved on their own? Is it possible? a sculpture is basically a hard and lifeless body of art that is impossible to move without electricity. But some pictures or videos contradict this manner. In this article, we will examine the interesting facts of this subject. 


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top 10 statues caught moving on camera

10- The Statue of Christ

There is a video of a statue of Jesus Christ showing him blink while praying. he closes his eyes. And he opens it again and at the end of the video, this statue stares at the viewers.


Top 10 Shocking Statues Caught Moving On Camera

9- The rotating Egyptian statue in Manchester

Some of the sculptures on this list may be able to vibrate using electricity. But the Egyptians, no matter how advanced they were in their own time, did not have electricity! There is a video from the security cameras of a museum in Manchester that shows an Egyptian statue rotating around the clock. Officials believe the statue was cursed by its ancient owners.


8- Paintings of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Australia

on the 8th place of the statues caught moving on camera is a painting of virgin Mary .During a prayer service in an Australian church, three people notice the praying lips of Mary’s painting. And they quickly record this phenomenon.

But opponents of the video believe that the poor quality of the video and the shaking of the camera and the churchs flickering lights makes it seem to that the Virgin Mary is praying.

7- Buddha statues

These sculptures were in Kuala Lumpur, most of which were recorded during a mystical buddhism ceremony. The sculptures were recorded shaking hands, breathing, praying lips, and… After the prayer, large numbers of Buddhists lined up in front of the monk to report the phenomenon.


6- The statue of Sai Baba

Sai Baba has been an Indian spiritual leader. A night-time security camera shows the movement of a statue of Sai Baba putting decorations on his neck with his hand.


Top 10 Shocking Statues Caught Moving On Camera

5- The Statue of Christ in Sao Paulo

The statue of Christ shakes his head and raises his head at a communion service in Sao Paulo, Brazil. disbelievers say it may be fake or artificial because it is visible that there is small movements and shakings at the back of statues shirt.


4- Christ Again

on the 4th place of the statues caught moving on camera is another statue of Jesus Christ . In a church in Jalisco, Mexico, there is a crucifixion of Christ. In a video, the statue moves its head. The priests of this church have repeatedly stated this as a miracle. And they believed that God was asking them for something that would tell them by this miracle.

3- The snow-white statue

By now all the sculptures were either ancient or religious. But Snow White is a sculpture that disrupts this routine. In a terrifying video, there is a statue of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which clearly shows Snow White blinking. The cameraman’s intense panic may prove that the video is not fake.


2- St. Mary again

In southeastern Mexico, there is a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary that people have repeatedly reported that the statue is crying.


Top 10 Shocking Statues Caught Moving On Camera

1- Once again the statue of Christ

There is a scary video of a statue of Christ crucified. In this video, the sculpture clearly blinksAbout 20 video designers have stated that the video was not fake. Several sculptors have stated that it was not electric. And Jteam of visitors, went to the church to investigate whether the statue had been possessed. Fortunately, it was a clear no.



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