how to fix no wifi adapter found error Рsimple solution :  Troubleshooting no wifi adapter found in 4 simple steps In this article, we will solve this problem for you. you just need to follow our simple and easy guidelines. no skill, knowledge, or application is needed.


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why does this error show up?

there are many answers to this question. one of the probable reasons is that your modems malfunction ended up in your laptop’s network misconfiguration.

the other reason may be that you misconfigured your network, and like the previous reason it affected your laptop wifi adapters.

the third reason may be that your adapter is outdated and cant work well with your network.


how to fix no wifi adapter found error – the simple solution

step one: Open the device manager window.

The device manager window is a window that lists and manages all the device drivers and hardware. There are three ways to open this window.

4 steps for how to fix " no wifi adapter found error " - super simple solution

  1. Press start + R and type devmgmt.msc then press enter
  2. Right-click on Start and select device manager
  3. By searching for device manager in the computer search section

step two: Click on network adapters.

In this section are all network drivers as well as the hardwares that are responsible for Wi-Fi.


4 steps for how to fix " no wifi adapter found error " - super simple solution

step three: Delete the laptop driver.

Except for the bluetooth drivers that are responsible for the laptop’s bluetooth. And drivers like intel, ncap and wan drivers must have another driver that is specific to your laptop and different from other laptops. There may be a yellow triangle sign next to that specific driver.

Right-click on this driver and select uninstall. Do not worry, in the next step, these drivers will return automatically.

step four: In the action section, click on scan for hardware changes.

By selecting this option, the computer will look for its drivers and if they are not found, it will install them automatically . perhaps a restart may be needed.

It will work with your WiFi refresh.


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