Russian omelette recipe is provided in this article . In this article, we will teach you how to cook a Russian omelette and how to make a Russian omelette at home. We hope you enjoy this recipe.


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What is a Russian omelette ?

a Russian omelette is a two-sided cooked omelette from Russia. it is kind of an omelette that its ingredients are wrapped by cooked egg.

Russian omelette ingredients

for this recipe you need these ingredients:

4 eggs

A quarter cup of boiled carrots

A cup of canned vegetables

Two tomatoes .

One bell pepper

Salt, pepper, and necessary spices

25 grams of butter


How to make Russian omelette recipe - how to cook Russian omelette

Russian omelette recipe : How to cook Russian omelette

Chop tomatoes and bell peppers and mix well with canned vegetables and carrots.
mix the eggs well with salt, pepper, and turmeric.
Heat the butter in a frying pan.
Cook the egg mixture over low heat until it’s one side completely cooked and the other side is half-cooked.
Pour the vegetable mixture over the eggs. turn the other half of the eggs over the vegetables.
Let cook for a few more minutes.
Return the whole ingredients with two spatulas so that both sides of the omelette cook well.
Let it cook for a few minutes.
Your omelet is ready.

Russian omelette nutrition facts:

per 340 grams of Russian omelette:

Calories : 429.3

Total Fat : 27 g

Cholesterol : 456.9 mg

Sodium : 247 mg

Carbohydrate : 22.6 g


Russian omelette chef’s suggestion

You can pour a little pizza cheese or parmesan omelette.

If you chop some onions and mix them with omelette vegetables, the omelette will have a fresh taste.

a pinch of thyme can be a good choice as a spice.

we hope you enjoy it.


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