saffron tea recipe – saffron benefits : Read how to prepare saffron tea and the benefits of saffron tea in this Irabrod article.

saffron is an ancient spice that is incredibaly abundant in iran and spain. this spice is like a red string grown on a purple flower with the same name. the farmers should pick this strings one by one by hand. therefor it is a luxurious spice.

saffron is well-known for its surprising effects on depression. therefor drinking saffron tea daily can bring joy to your daily life.


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A teaspoon of black

Two grams of saffron

Two glasses of water.

A teaspoon of rose water

Two pushes


saffron tea recipe - how to make saffron tea + benefits

How to prepare saffron tea – saffron tea recipe


Boil water.

Grind the saffron until it nearly becomes a powder.

Pour saffron, tea, rose, cardamom into a teapot.

Add boiling water to the teapot.

Let infuse for 10 minutes.

Your saffron tea is ready.



Benefits of saffron and benefits of saffron tea



Prevention of heart disease

Memory Improvement

Cancer prevention

Contribute to eye health.

Lower blood pressure

Skin health

Boosting immunity system

Barista suggestion

This tea is slightly sweeter than other teas due to the presence of saffronBut the combination of this tea with honey is very pleasant. Instead of a rose, you can add rose petals, which are much more fragrant.

don’t pour too much saffron powder , we are making saffron tea , not tea saffron !!! unlike other teas , we do not recommend to drink this tea with sugar. because it tastes sweet because of saffron taste. have a good evening.


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