scariest places in the world : In this article, we list the scariest places in the world for you in the interesting facts of the Irabrod. In this article, there are ten of the scariest places in the world, and rumors about them that make even the bravest people run away in a jiffy.


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Top 10 scariest places in the world – world’s most frightening horror attractions

the top 10 scariest places in the world - Most terrifying horror attractions


10- Guatemalan Cemetery

In this cemetery, due to lack of space and large population, the graves of people are placed on top of several floors And families have to pay rent for the graves of their dead after 6 months.

But why did we put this normal cemetery on the list of the scariest places in the world? If the families do not pay the rent for the graves, the government will dig up the graves and remove the remains of the dead and leave them in the environment. The corridors of this cemetery are full of corpses of the dead who t heir relatives have not paid their rent.

9- Japan Suicide Forest

At the foot of the famous Fuji Mountain is a vast forest. Which is the most infamous place for Japanese suicide. Occasionally, about 100 corpses hanged by trees can be found by patrolling the area.

The interesting facts of this forest are rooted in its rumors. It is said that this forest has been conquered by the spirits of the dead, who call the victims to their world. People returning from the forest have said that a force in their minds encouraged them to commit suicide.

8- American Jacob well

The width of this well is small, but it has an incredible depth (about 40 meters). Many divers have tried to go deep into this well and visit its bottom. But so far 8 dwarves have lost their lives for this purpose.

the top 10 scariest places in the world - Most terrifying horror attractions

7- Overtoun bridge Scotland

This bridge is in a beautiful place and does not have a scary view at all. But what makes this bridge one of the scariest places in the world is the high number of suicides in this place. But not human suicide, dog suicide. So far, 600 dogs have been jumped off the bridge for no reason. overtoun bridge is one of the unexplained phenomena in the world.

the top 10 scariest places in the world - Most terrifying horror attractions

6- Bones of Portugal

The walls of this shrine are regularly covered with human bones. These bones are said to be the remains of monks.

It is said that the reason for this scary decoration was that everyone who entered the shrine would quickly remember death. And distance himself from materialism.

5 Hoia Baciu Forest from Romania

This forest is called the Bermuda Triangle of europe. Many incidents have been reported in this forest. Like observing ghosts and demons or UFO and aliens.visitor also reported Feeling unreasonable and severe anxiety when they are passing through this forest.

What is even more surprising is that the observation of the aliens was reported by a biologist who claims to have taken pictures of their spaceships .

4- ghost town Pripyat Ukraine

The nuclear disaster is not specific to Russia. The city of Pripyat has also witnessed this incident once. The city was completely evacuated after the accident.

Now, despite the fact that the authorities have declared the city clean. But not only the people but also the officials themselves refused to live in this city

The heavy silence and empty buildings of this city have created a frightening scene that even animals have not been seen in this city.

3- floating coffins of the Philippines

A Philippine tribe has been attaching coffins to the rocks for centuries. The reason for this is the proximity of the dead to heaven as a result follows the simplicity of the way to heaven.

Some coffins rot or decay over time. That’s why when you look over your head. You will see a collection of corrupt bodies in the sky.


the top 10 scariest places in the world - Most terrifying horror attractions

2- Dolls Island Mexico

There is a pond on the island where a young girl is said to have died. Many dolls are hung on the trees of this lagoon to calm the soul of this cave.

But visitors say they hear a strange sensation from the dolls whispering as if a dead girl is possessing the dolls.

1- catacombs of paris

Below the beautiful surface of Paris, there are ugly and scary tombs of millions of bones and skulls. Many say this is an ancient cemetery.

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