shiraz tourism guide , shiraz tourist sites or places is provided in this article. here we will list many shiraz historical places and natural wonders , then we will analyze shiraz cultural tourism attraction. then we will introduce some shiraz souvenirs and in the end we will introduce some shiraz famous foods and traveling tips.


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Shiraz and Fars The subject of this article is irabrod. Shiraz is the capital of Fars province. Shiraz is located at an altitude of 1486 meters above sea level. Shiraz is located in the mountainous areas of Zagros. And has a temperate climate. Shiraz Municipality includes 11 urban areas with an area of ​​240 square kilometers.

introduction to Shiraz Iran tourism - Shiraz tourist sites and guide persepolis


shiraz tourism : Historical tourist places of Shiraz or Fars


Persepolis is not just a national heritage. The building was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. Persepolis was one of the four capitals of the great Achaemenid empire in 250 BC. The construction of this building began with Darius the Great and never ended! In Persepolis there are Achaemenid inscriptions of Darius the Great, Xerxes, Artaxerxes I. The architecture of this work was so magnificent and beautiful that it influenced the architecture of ancient and modern structures in Iran, including the Azadi Tower in Tehran. The tombs of most Achaemenid kings are located in the mountains around Persepolis. By visiting this huge tourist building, you can create a memorable memory of Persia.


The tomb of Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid or Pasargadae dynasty, is located in Pasargade. Pasargadae was the capital of persia during the reign of Cyrus the great.


The tomb of the famous Shiraz poet Hafez is located in the middle of a garden and several ponds. This place is located in the north of Shiraz and south of the Quran Gate. Hafez’s tomb is under an arch with a copper roof that has turned green over the years.


Sa’adiyeh is a collection of courtyards, pools, aqueducts, and the tomb of the Persian poet Saadi. Also around Saadi’s tomb is the tomb of many religious leaders who were buried in this place as they asked for by their will. This place was considered his monastery at the end of Saadi’s life. Saadi spent the rest of his life in this place and was buried there.

introduction to Shiraz Iran tourism - Shiraz tourist sites and guide persepolis nasir ol molk shiraz


Nasir Al-Molk Mosque

Another name for this place is Pink Mosque. This mosque is located in the Hebrew neighborhood near Shah Cheragh in Shiraz. The colored glass of this mosque creates a unique view in the light. Due to these glasses, this mosque is called the Pink Mosque. Another beautiful effect of this tourist place is the beautiful tiles of the mosque. In the architecture of the main entrance, seven-color tiles with red and iris decorations have been used. Nasir Al-Molk Mosque has two porches. The south porch had no special use and was built only to be compared with the north porch.

this mosque is one of the most famous sites tourism sites of iran.

Naghsh-e Rostam

Naghsh-e Rostam is located in Marvdasht, Fars province, 6 km from Persepolis. At first, the name of this place was Do-gonbadan or Seh-Gonbadan in the past. Naqsh-e Rostam is a collection of many Iranian antiquities. , Anahita and Narsi, Hormoz II, and Shapur II sites are from the Sassanid era. There are also traces of ancient Elam civilization in this place.

Vakil bazaar

Vakil Bazaar is located in Shiraz, near Karim-Khan Citadel. This bazaar was built by the order of “Karim Khan Zand” in Shiraz. Vakil Bazaar is a covered bazaar with various and colorful goods, which has both economic, and tourism aspects. In this bazaar, there are also shops that sell cold drinks, and Shiraz special liqueurs are sold, which is a very pleasant experience in this market.


This citadel was built by the order of “Karam Khan Zand” in Shiraz. When Karim Khan introduced Shiraz as the capital, this citadel was built to be the residence of the Shah. During the Qajar period, this citadel was used for the residence of the governor of Shiraz. In the Pahlavi era, the citadel was used as a prison. In this citadel, there is a set of rooms, royal rooms, pool, and bathroom. This place is very spectacular at sunset.

Girl’s Castle

The ruins of Dokhtar Castle are located on Firoozkooh Road, 6 km from Shiraz. This castle should not be confused with the castle of the same name in Kerman. It is said that this place was built by “Ardeshir Sassanid” in the late Parthian period before the victory over the “Ardavan V”. The architecture of this place was one of the few successful architectures to build a dome on a rectangular area.

introduction to Shiraz Iran tourism - Shiraz tourist sites and guide persepolis nasir ol molk shiraz persian gardens


shiraz tourism : Natural tourism places in Shiraz or Fars

Eram garden

The builder of this place is not known. It is said that Eram Garden has existed since the Seljuk period. Eram Garden is a collection of a beautiful and magnificent mansion and a beautiful area and museum. The porch and mirrors of Eram Garden are very beautiful. Eram Garden is located in the northwest of Shiraz. In the south of the dry river garden of Shiraz from the east, There are trees in the west. The trees in the garden are mostly cypress and citrus.

The most interesting part of the garden is the street that has been built from east to west in the middle of the garden and cypress trees have been planted on both sides of it and it has a special beauty. Among the cypress trees of this street, there is a tall cypress tree that attracts attention from a distance and because of its rhythm, it is called Sarvanaz. The same cypress is not seen in other gardens of this city. The courtyard of the garden is covered and decorated with ornamental trees, cypresses, oranges, and various decorative flowers.

Ghavam Garden

Ghavam Garden or Ghavam House or Ghavam Narenjestan is the name of a building that was built by Ghavam-ol-Molk in 1252 in Shiraz. This complex includes a bath, Hosseinieh, library, interior, courthouse, and a very beautiful garden, mostly oranges. The windows and garden of this house are very spectacular.

Margon Falls

Margon waterfall is located in Sepidestan and Margon village. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. There is also a green and beautiful space around the waterfall and the river. The waterfall is the water source of the river below it. The waterfall originates from thousands of springs that are in the heart of the mountain rock.

Delgosha Garden

Delgosha Garden is located in the northeast of Shiraz, next to Saadieh. In the garden, there is a mansion with architecture influenced by Sassanid architecture. The mansion has three floors and a porch. The mansion has beautiful mirrors and paintings.

There is a large stone pond in the garden. The area of ​​the garden is about 6 hectares. The trees in the garden are mostly orange and Portuguese. Its flowers are very beautiful in May.

introduction to Shiraz Iran tourism - Shiraz tourist sites and guide persepolis nasir ol molk shiraz persian gardens persian tiles


Cultural tourism attractions of Shiraz or Fars

Shiraz was considered the capital of Iran under various governments. Before Safavid, Shiraz, and Tabriz could be called the most important cities of Iran. For this reason, it has always been one of the important cities for the cultural development of Iranians.

Considering the fact that this city was the capital city of the ancient Achaemenid Persian empire, There are many ancient monuments in this province from the Achaemenid and Sassanid periods.

Two of the greatest Persian poets had lived in this city. Therefore it is the capital of Farsi literature. Also, the existence of nomads in this province and the culture of nomadism and native clothes of Fars province are considered as cultural manifestations of Shiraz.

introduction to Shiraz Iran tourism - Shiraz tourist sites and guide persian shiraz dish

Famous dishes of Shiraz or Fars

one of shiraz’s tourism aspects is shirazians food. so we list some of famous shirazians dishes here.

Frozen chickpeas: It is very similar to the broth with more chickpeas. In many parts of Iran, the broth is made in the style of this food. This dish with onions and pickles is very tasty.

Ashkeneh Shirazi: It is cooked with dried mint, fenugreek, and eggs. Usually served as dinner.

Ghormeh Beh: A combination of sugar, Beh, saffron, meat, onion, and… is very sweet and hearty food.

Cabbage pilaf: one of the most nutritious, fragrant, and famous dishes of Shiraz. The aroma of this food comes from fragrant vegetables such as thyme and tarragon.

Two Shirazi plum onions: a  combination of potatoes, onions, paste, and sometimes chopped meat and plums, which are usually eaten with bread.


introduction to Shiraz Iran tourism - Shiraz tourist sites and guide shiraz souvenirs

Famous hotels in Shiraz

Sepehri Traditional Hotel.

Fars, Shiraz, Sang-e Siah Street, + 98 71 3224 5364

Zandieh Hotel.

Fars, Shiraz, Hijrat Street +98 71 3223 4234

Chamran five star hotel.

Fars, Shiraz, Chamran Boulevard +98 71 3626 2000

introduction to Shiraz Iran tourism - Shiraz tourist sites and guide souveniers

General information of Fars

Souvenirs: liqueurs like bahar-narenj, yogurt, Muscat, figs, halva, almond cookies, and Shirazi faloodeh.

Population:  4.8 million people.

Center:  Shiraz.

Language: The majority of Persian languages, Lori and Qashqai languages ​​are also common.

Minimum money required for a day trip: at the suggestion of irabrod in 1398, 300 Tomans per day.

Tips for traveling, migrating, or studying in Shiraz

Any shiraz tourism guide without this information is not complete. Shiraz has three fields of study: Shiraz University and Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and Eram Institute of Higher Education in this city. Shiraz University is one of the 29 universities in Iran that are among the top universities in the world.

In Shiraz economy and employment, agriculture of grapes, oranges, figs, persimmons, pomegranates, and wheat. Mosaic handicrafts, inlays. And the oil, petrochemical, cement, electronics, and textile industries are booming, and if you work in these areas, you will make a profit.

House prices in this city (in 2020) are increasing. It is a good option for investment. But considering the price of the house, migrating to this city is a bit difficult today.

Iran is an Islamic country. Therefore you need to wear a hijab in shiraz. and also you need to respect this ideology. in the month of Ramezan, you should avoid eating or drinking in public,  you should avoid touching, or bothering people of a different gender than yourself. you can not enter a mosque or a holy place with a pet.

Shirazians are very kind, warm, and friendly citizens. their hospitality is very well-known in a hospital country like Iran.

best month to travel in this city is Ordibehesht (end of April and fist half of May). shiraz is in hot temperature, so be sure to pick light clothes. always have some bottles of watter.

Ways to travel to Shiraz

It has three ways: land, air, and railway. Shiraz subway is under construction.


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