shows like game of thrones : We have collected list of top tv shows and series which are similar to game of thrones for you in this Irabrod article. We hope you enjoy. what makes these show similar are courtly rites, the rise to power of a family, corrupt in powerful families,smart diplomacy and epic battles, etc.


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top 20 series or tv shows like game of thrones or GOT – shows similar to game of thrones

20- spartacus

This show tells the story of Roman history. When the famous gladiator, Spartacus, along with other friends of the Roman gladiators, revolts against the tyrannical rule of the Roman Empire and defeats them many times. until finally he is defeated and executed.


19- the Tudors

The Tudos is on the 19th place of the tv shows like game of thrones. It seems that Tudors has distorted history. But if history and facts are not important to you, Tudors presents beautiful tragedies and stories, which is very spectacular.


18- da vincis demons

A combination of history and myth. This show, like the previous one, has distorted history. But apart from this, the story of Da Vincis demons represents the life of a great scientist, artist, inventor, swordsman and…. And in general, the show describes a genius whose name is circulating in the world. Leonardo Davinci.


top 20 series or tv shows like game of thrones or GOT

17- The Borgias

The Borgias tells the story of the rise to power and rule of the corrupt and criminal Borgias family, who ruled throughout Europe in the 15th century. At the head of this family is Alexandre Borgis, who is doing his best to maintain his position as pope of the Catholic Church.
In addition to the contradiction that the series has and the reality of the story. The events of the Borgias can be very exciting for you.


16- The white queen

The story is about three English ladies. Who do not hesitate to do anything to reach the throne of England.
the white queen ,like many shows on the list, is far from reality. But its stories and struggles are too addictive.


top 20 series or tv shows like game of thrones or GOT

15- the last kingdom

on the 5th place of the tv shows like game of thrones is the last kingdom. the last kingdom is an adaptation of the book saxon tale by Bernard Cornwell.
Another story of trying to win the throne of England.
The story takes place in 8th century of England,when England is divided by various governments, each of which is constantly under attack by the Vikings and longs for the conquest of other governments.
Among them is a boy whose parents were killed by the Vikings and raised by the Vikings. he is in a struggle between its two identities and tries to rise to power among this chaos.


14- knightfall

The series depicts the fall of the Templar knights, who were tasked with protecting the most valuable sacred objects of Christianity.
They have a sacred duty in the land of Jerusalem to find the Holy Grail of Jesus Christ .
But on the thirteenth day of Friday, the most miserable day in the history of Christianity, everything falls into disrepair and this historical group falls apart.


top 20 series or tv shows like game of thrones or GOT

13- the Vikings

The Vikings were successful in inventing a way that allowed them to sail and invade distant shores.
Now they are attacking distant nations, even the shores of the Ottoman Empire. the vikings show the glory, decline and fall of various governments including themeselves.


12- reign

Fifteen-year-old Mary, a Scottish princess, travels to France to marry Prince Francis, heir to the French throne. In the meantime, he faces incidents, corruption, policies and court conspiracies.
When the courtiers are jealous of him and his brother falls in love with his soon to become queen, the future King and Queen of France intend to delay this marriage.


top 20 series or tv shows like game of thrones or GOT

11- Black Sails

The black sails has a different style. Captain Flint A pirate captain and his men recount the events of 20 years before incidents of the famous novel , Treasure Island.


10 – merlin

on the 10th place of tv series similar to game of thrones is the merlin . A boy named Arthur officially becomes king by pulling out a mythical sword from a rock.
This causes him to find many enemies and friends. Enemies like the Saxons who want to destroy his country. Or Mordred who betrays him and fights him for his throne. Or Lancelot who falls in love with his queen.
But his friends, like Merlin and order of his knights, defend him and his throne with all their might against these enemies .


top 20 series or tv shows like game of thrones or GOT

9- rome

The Rome show describes the glory and decline of the Roman Empire and the consequences and conspiracies of its rulers narated by Julius Caesar and a few ordinary soldiers.
The real events that are happening in this great empire are so exciting that they will undoubtedly make you addicted and entertained.


8- outlander

The outlander depicts a famous novel by Diana Gabledon.
The story is about a nurse from World War II who travels strangely in time and dates back to 1740 in Scotland. Where the Descottians believe she is an English spy and do not believe the story of her time travel.


top 20 series or tv shows like game of thrones or GOT

7- marco polo

the show tells the adventures and travels of Marco Polo. He is in China and has to deal with the conspiracy and jealousy of the courtiers and the accusation of espionage. Meanwhile, Chinese states governments are fighting for greater power.


6- the shannara chronicles

The human race has been extinct for thousands of years. And a new race lives on earth that is now in danger of being attacked by an evil alien force.


top 20 series or tv shows like game of thrones or GOT

5- the Walking Dead

on the fifth place of the tv shows like game of thrones is the walking dead . The human race is in complete danger of extinction by zombies, which are turning more and more humans into zombies every day. Now the last survivors of this global crisis are teamed together to get rid of this kind of dangerious species.


4- outcast

Kyle Barnes is possessed by evil forces who struggle to control his body every day. Until he meets a clergyman from Virginia who claims. Kyle’s fight against those evil forces is a sacred battle that also affects the lives of those around him. Now, in order to defeat them, Kyle must look for clues in his memories and past.


top 20 series or tv shows like game of thrones or GOT

3- Westworld

As a kind of experiment, a virtual world has been created in the future in which humanoid robots are programmed to evoke the Wild West and play their wild west roles. But in the end, these robots cause some kind of crisis.


2- Black death

Again, the human race is in danger. In this show, a kind of disease has spread that causes a kind of disorder in humans that leads to their savagery.


top 20 series or tv shows like game of thrones or GOT

1- into the badlands

A coach named Sunny trains a young man to succeed in a psychological journey and to adapt to an imaginary country with an ancient regime. A country full of plots, wars and battles and many enemies who are all fighting for one throne.

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