shows similar to peaky blinders : peaky blinders was a popular series that depicted the story of peaky blinders , a Birmingham crime family which under the leadership of Thomas Shelby , rose to power and even took their foot on London and defeated many other mafia families. here are 15 similar tv series worths watching , if you like peaky blinders.


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15 TV shows like peaky blinders – Series similar to peaky blinders

Good shows to watch like Peaky Blinders - similar series to peaky blinders

15 Animal kingdom

In the animal kingdom, like Peaky Blinders, the crimes and rise to power of a family are shown.

The story is told by a man named Joshua, whose mother recently died from a heroin overdose. his role is played by Finn Cole. funny it is , that Finn Coll played the role of Michael in peaky blinders , Michael too changed his life by deciding to live with his criminal relatives.

He decides to live with his strange family and acquaintances.

His criminal relatives begin to affect his new life, and he is forced to cooperate with them quickly.


14- Ozark

The Ozark tells the story of a man named Marty Baird. After the revelation of a money laundering in which Marty was he owes a lot of money to a Mexican drug dealer. so He is forced to emigrate. then because of this debt, everything is in danger, including his family.

In order to survive and earn money, crime becomes normal for his family, and they use this subject many times during the critical events of the series .


Good shows to watch like Peaky Blinders - similar series to peaky blinders

13- Breaking bad

Undoubtedly, breaking bad is as much well-known as it does not need to be introduced. The story is about Walter and Jesse, who manages New Mexico’s best drug kitchen.

Walter White was a simple chemistry teacher Until Walter realizes his cancerous tumor and the story begins to change. And as a professor of chemistry, Walter becomes the biggest drug giant.


12- bad blood

On 12th place of TV shows similar to peaky blinders, is bad blood. The story of a Canadian mafia boss in Montreal. Vito Rosito has been released from prison after thirty years of sentence , and now he has to manage his family.

His first goal is to take revenge on those who killed his friends and family while he was in prison.


Good shows to watch like Peaky Blinders - similar series to peaky blinders

11- frontier

This series is about the trade and privilege of fur in 1700 Canada. like many other financial commodities, fur brings up a competition that day by day increases tension between the crime families that hold its trade points.
Like peaky blinders, different groups of families compete for more influence and power.

In addition, like Peaky, many historical figures are present in this film. This made us put frontier in the list of series similar to Peaky Blinders.


10- boardwalk empire

Made by Terence Winter and published by HBO. with an excellent list of actors who have played in this series. And it is a very beautiful story.these all made the Broadwalk empire worth watching.

it has the most similarities in the classic atmosphere,theme, and space with Pike Blinders.

The series is about Naki Thompson, one of the biggest financiers of New Jersey and Atlantic City, which takes place during his criminal rule in one of the darkest eras of new jersey.

Like Pecky Blinders, famous mafia bosses like Al Capone, Charles Lucky, Arnold Rothstein are portrayed.


Good shows to watch like Peaky Blinders - similar series to peaky blinders

9- sons of anarchy

Charlie Hunnam plays Jack Teller as one of the heads of the sons of anarchy club redwood original, the most famous motorcycle crime gang.
In addition to showing the corruption of politicians, elements of the modern Wild West, and the spectacular dialogues of this film, you will notice similarities with Peaky Blinders while watching the series.


8- ripper street

On 8th place of TV shows similar to peaky blinders, is Ripper street.The series tells the story of the murders related to Jack the Ripper in Victorian England. It is true that the series is no longer about a mafia family. But the story is about a famous criminal, in England and exactly in the same era as Peaky Blinders. That is the same criminal atmosphere , time, and theme of the Peaky Blinders.


Good shows to watch like Peaky Blinders - similar series to peaky blinders

7- the sinner

Jessica Biel plays Corra Tanetti, a mother with a difficult life and mental problems. That Bill Pullman, as Detective Harry Ambrose, must prove a crime that Cora has no recollection of.

This series is full of riddles and crime with three seasons. Which can create fun moments .


6- taboo

That’s right Tom Hardy. The actor of A.Salomons in peaky blinders plays the role of James Delaney in this series.

This dark, strange and enigmatic series takes place in the atmosphere of London during the war of 1812, that is, at the same time as the election of Winston Churchill. This means that taboo was filmed in the space, time, and theme of the Peaky Blinders. This is why we put this series in the list of similar series of Picky Blinders.

The series tells the story of James Delaney, who recently inherited his father’s naval empire. As he tries to grow the business, he realizes that he has also inherited his father’s enemies. People who do anything to get what is rightfully for him.


Good shows to watch like Peaky Blinders - similar series to peaky blinders

5- better call Saul

Better call Saul is attracting more and more viewers day by day. And its popularity is increasing every day. The series tells the story of Jimmy McGill. The man turns into Saul Goodman and tries to solve the criminal events that take place around him (some of which are his own). Undoubtedly, the idea of the story of this series is worth watching along with the atmosphere full of crime and its strange criminal characters.


4- godless

In 4th place of TV shows similar to peaky blinders, is godless.The star of the popular series Downton Abbey comes from the respectable and aristocratic atmosphere of the fancy classy people of England to the criminal, savage and immoral atmosphere of the Wild West in 1880 to play the role of a widow, Alice Fletcher. She lives in a village where, after an accident at a mine, almost the entire population is made up of women. Another unfortunate incident occurs when a criminal named Frank Griffin goes there.

The series is full of long-distance shooting, crime, cowboys,duels, etc.


Good shows to watch like Peaky Blinders - similar series to peaky blinders

3- the making of the mob

Charles Luciano, nicknamed Lucky in the boardwalk empire, was merely an auxiliary character. But in this series, Luciano is the star of the story. The series begins in 1905 and shows Luciano’s crime family’s rise to power for the next 50 years.

The second chapter, entitled Chicago, tells the story of Al Capone, the most famous criminal in the Mafia world. This series is also based on reality. It has a beautiful atmosphere and theme that can be good entertainment for you after Peaky Blinders.


2- billions

Paul Giamatti plays Chuck Rhodes , a US attorney, Who has created a mission for himself to destroy Robert Axelrod. A kingpin who uses any kind of crime to advance his great empire as much as possible.

in a world where , lies, greed corruption , and money are the only things that make sense , a man dares to put it all aside to confront the demons who rule this world.


Good shows to watch like Peaky Blinders - similar series to peaky blinders

1- penny dreadful

A series that takes place in the Victorian era with its beautiful atmosphere and attractive theme. Penny dreadful is full of very famous characters from the world of literature. Like Dorian Gray and Dr. Frankenstein who make his famous monster in the future.

There are many gothic elements in this dark fantasy series. that makes it more special than other series on this list. although there is no mafia clash in Penny dreadful , like peaky blinders , these literary figures rise up against a system more powerful than themselves, and the story goes on as they try to take them down.


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