Movies like John Wick – similar movies to watch if you like john wick : we have listed 16 movies that include a professional soldier or assassin that seeks revenge for a reason. A story that begins with the oppression of an ordinary person and pursues his quest for justice. If you are a fan of John Wick movies, do not miss this list.


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similar movies like john wick – movies to watch if you like john wick

similar movies like John Wick the gangster the cop the devil

16- the gangster the cop the devil

A serial killer commits several crimes and brings horror to a city. when this serial killer attacks the head of the largest mafia gang in the city. Now this mob boss, who has barely survived, swears to find this killer and tear him to pieces. That is why the mafia and policemen unite together to find and punish this psycho serial killer.


15- southpaw

Billy Hope is a professional boxer who is a world champion in his profession. he has a wonderful life. A loving family, a luxurious lifestyle, and unique successful background. But during a match, something happens that causes the death of his wife. And then everything changes for Bailey. The only thing left for him is his failures that drive him crazy.
But Bailey has one feature. The more wounds he bears, the more insanely he strikes. In this way, an old boxer helps him to take everything back step by step.


similar movies like John Wick i saw the devil

14- I saw the devil

I saw the devil is on the 14th place of the list of similar movies like john wick . Warning This movie is one of the bloodiest and most murderous revenge movies on this list. So if you do not enjoy this style of movie, just go to the next one on this list.
However, it is one of the most beautiful masterpieces in South Korea. The story goes that a serial killer kills a person’s wife and beheads her, leaving the rest of her body to her husband.
Now this man whose life has been destroyed is doing everything. To make turn life into hell for this killer.


13- kill bill part 1 and 2

An Assassin named Bird was previously trained by a man named Bill. But she decides to finally leave his bloody life and start a normal life. But right on the wedding day, she is attacked and goes into a coma. Four years later, she wakes up and remembers which people took everything from her, including the baby she was giving birth to. Now she makes a list. And by killing each one, she removes his name from the list until the last name “bill”.


similar movies like John Wick leon the professional

12- Leon the professional

on the 12th place of the list of similar movies like john wick is Leon the professional. Leon is a loving and kind person. he is a super professional assassin, that kills his targets for short amount of money that Italians give him.
The story begins where everyone in his neighbor’s family is murdered by a dangerous mafia group. Everyone but Matilda, who has now taken refuge in Leon’s house, Leon teaches her everything until she thinks of revenge.


similar movies like John Wick mad max

11- mad max 1979

In the future, the world has lost the last traces of its civilization. Now everyone has to stand on their own feet and live among other people who behave brutally. But there is a man named Max who has the latest traces of human civilization. Until his wife and child are killed. And he literally gets mad and crazy. madder and wilder than anyone who has ever lived on this savage world.


10- Oldboy

Joe Dosht already had a bad life. But things are getting worse. He is kidnapped and lives in a hotel-like room outside the community. Where the only thing that saves him from madness is a small TV. But in the end, after 20 years, he is released by accident. Now he is just looking for someone who had made his life a hell for 20 years.


9- commando

When each of John Matrix’s comrades is strangely killed, he is warned that he is in danger. And later his daughter is kidnapped by a group To force him to do missions that he always refuses to do.
Now John is attacking the thieves themselves. And his high experience and strength help him in this impossible mission against an army.


8- edge of tomorrow

we have placed the edge of tomorrow on the 8th place of the list of similar movies like john wick . William Cage is a soldier who has never been in a battle. So this makes him useless to fight the spaceman. But when he dies in battle. He wakes up the day before his death, and this creates a circle in which he becomes stronger by gaining more and more experience after each death. Maybe it would have been better if he had died once and for all, but now that would make him the savior of human beings.


similar movies like John Wick fury

7- fury

There is nothing worse than war. And the darkest human wars were undoubtedly World War II. In this movie, Brad Pitt as wardaddy, along with only 4 other people, penetrates the depths of the Nazi army in order to take revenge for his country by killing and capturing the Nazis.


6- American sniper

Based on a true story of a US Navy soldier who seems to have no way of avoiding war. Like John Wick, wherever he is, his previous life follows him. He even hears gunshots and fights at home.


similar movies like John Wick deadpool

5- Deadpool

if you like more face-to-face combat with guns and explosions like those in John Wick movies, we recommend this movie to you. Deadpool is full of action scenes that can satisfy your interest.
The story is about a person who commits all kinds of wrongdoings in his daily life until he realizes that he has incurable cancer, the only solution of which is a secret and experimental test.Deadpool is a marvel character who has the power to heal any kind of injury. he is a master of marshal arts, swords, and guns, all attributes needed to make a man into a killing machine.


4- jack reacher

Jack teacher is on the 4th place of the list of similar movies like john wick . Jack Reacher is a legendary soldier who is all wondering why he left his job despite his great progress and receiving all kinds of honors.
However, he is a dangerous person that everyone who has bothered him has regretted. Now he is helping an old soldier who has been unjustly convicted of killing five people. But during this case, it becomes clear that powerful people are behind this process. People who thought they were beyond the law so they could stop Jack.


similar movies like John Wick taken

3- Taken

When a father tells you to let go of his kidnapped daughter or he will kill you, it is better to believe him and let go of his daughter.
Brian Mills is an old government official who, after learning of his daughter’s abduction, is forced to use all his skills to save his daughter. Like his other missions, he is once again involved in dangerous cases. But this time it is a personal matter.


2- the equalizer

not all books should have a happy ending. And Robert McCall knows this well. Someone who had a normal life and work before witnessing the beating of a young girl named Terry by the Russian mafia. McCall suggests giving up the girl in exchange for some money. And they oppose. Which is the biggest mistake of their life and causes the collapse of their entire organization.


similar movies like John Wick matrix

1- the matrix

Before John Wick, perhaps this film was an action masterpiece of Keanu Reeves. this memorable action movie is in the science fiction atmosphere. In a world where the human race is controlled by an intelligent machine called matrix. A group fights for the freedom and liberty of this coded world. Keanu Reeves as Neo is missioned to save humans from this modern dictatorship.


reference of similar movies like john wick : irabrod


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