games similar to the stronghold is listed in this article. Many of us strategy game fans remember this game back in the years before. Many of us started strategy games with this game. In this article, we introduce 12 other games that may be able to bring your memories to life.


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12 Games like Stronghold

12-from dust

You are in the role of a god who must help your worshipers to survive. Every work you do affects the earth, lava, and water, and their changes affect your worshipers’ civilization. This game can be experienced in the form of stages or sandbox.

12 games in the style of stronghold crusaders - games similar to stronghold

11- generals

This game has been as popular as the Crusades.  but with much more advanced technology than the Crusades. That means you should manage an army of tanks and planes.

In this game, you choose one of its three special strategies from the three fronts of al-Qaeda, China, and the United States, and go to war with other rival generals.

10- Tropico

In this game series, which also has an Android version, you, as el Presidente, are a dictator who must make your people prosper and emerge (and sometimes the opposite happens) on your own island. At the beginning of the game, you choose an island and a dictator. Then each step you take on becomes new challenges in your way of upgrading the city and the dictator.

12 games in the style of stronghold crusaders - games similar to stronghold

9- The settlers online

This game, as its name suggests, is one of the few online games on this list where you play the role of a monarch who must guide his people in preparing resources, stockpiling them, and spending them on building a city and training soldiers. By destroying the villain camps, you gain experience and then you can activate new options.

8.  Stormfall age of war

In 8th place of games similar to the stronghold is the stormfall age of war. Another online game. In this game, you have to choose your special lord. Cultivate it however you like during the game. Your task is very simple. You have to maintain your rule during the game with the help of other players. And form an alliance by uniting different states from other players making them fight as one under your banner. You can get new buildings and forces by finding special relics. Like stronghold 3, this game has fantasy elements too.

12 games in the style of stronghold crusaders - games similar to stronghold

7- red alert

This game is more like the popular game General than a stronghold.  the red alert has a nice story in its story-mode. The game is going on about the world war between the three world powers of soviets , allies ,and the empire of japan. you have to choose your forces from one of these three fronts to win this war with the advanced weapons of the future.

6- Age of empires

You have to choose your civilization from the greatest civilizations in history. And make progress by gathering resources and developing knowledge. And make your forces more advanced, While each civilization has its own characteristics and forces.
In this game, you can also build a wall. In a certain mode of play, every civilization has a monarchy that everything is lost when he is killed. doesn’t that sound familiar to you ?

12 games in the style of stronghold crusaders - games similar to stronghold

5- Anno 2070

In the future, the results of human actions will warm the world and melt the ice of the poles. As a result, humans live in the only remaining places, the peaks. Now, in this new world, three governments, the environmentalists, the greedy Global Trusts, and the individual governments, are fighting for world domination. Your task after the election of your government is to establish a balance between the economy and power and the environment to succeed in this field.

4- Age of mythology

in 4th place of the games similar to the stronghold is the age of mythology .From the three mythical worlds of ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and Scandinavia, you choose an ancient deity. And with the help of the myths related to that God and the civilization of its worshipers, you must overcome others. In this game, the combination of fantasy and elements of civilization is similar to the stronghold 3 games. The general idea of ​​the game is to collect resources and spend them on buildings and training soldiers. But you also need to have enough faith to use the myths of the ancient gods.

12 games in the style of stronghold crusaders - games similar to stronghold

3. Banished

You manage a very remote and deserted village. Where the most important resources are the people themselves. You have a duty to control everything so that your people can survive this tragedy. And more importantly, you need to keep them happy to attract immigrants and keep the generation alive.

2-rise of nations

Like the age of empires, you have to choose one of the greatest civilizations in the world, each with its own characteristics and soldiers. Gather the necessary resources, progress, and upgrade your troops. But this game is different. This is not the ultimate development of a Renaissance civilization. It is the future. That is if you progress very fast. You can attack your enemy spear army with tanks and planes.

12 games in the style of stronghold crusaders - games similar to stronghold

1- Immortal cities of the Nile

You are a ruler elected by the people whose job it is to promote a food-based economy. You have to export food to get wealth for the development of the city and provide food for the people to stay happy. In the meantime, you must maintain your military power. To be protected from enemies.


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