how to do smtp configuration– smtp plugin for wordpress email settings : Have you encountered various problems sending emails through your site? This is one of the common problems for many programmers or webmasters.This usually happens because of incorrect configurations. Today we provide you a solution to this problem.


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What errors does this article solve?

By reading this article following the instructions that this article suggests to you:

You can fix the yellow / orange box error of contact 7 plugin . This error occurs when you fill out the form and press the submit button.  

You can fix the “ not sending email error ” in the wp forms plugin . This error occurs when you fill out the form and press the submit button.  

You can fix all the similar errors “inability to send email” or not sending email due to ” wp-mail ” problem in most of your plugins or handwritten codes.


Why do these errors occur after all?

WordPress or any other CMS requires an email sending protocol to send email. In other words, in simpler language, it needs an infrastructure that can send emails. For this reason, when you fill out the email submission form, and click the submit button, WordPress tries to send your email with the infrastructure you have provided, but if such an infrastructure does not exist, the errors mentioned would show up.


What is the smtp plugin ?  

The term SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol . With this plugin, you can provide different and desired infrastructures for sending emails. This plugin provides several convenient infrastructures for sending emails, and to use them, you only need to provide the information required by those protocols.


How to solve the problem of sending emails in WordPress ? how to do smtp configuration for wordpress email settings

how to do smtp configuration for wordpress email settings

First of all you need  to download and activate the smtp plugin 

For this operation, you just need to click on plugins and select add new, and search for the word SMTP in the search field. Then click on install and then click on activate.   


how to do smtp configuration for wordpress email settings

Then you have to choose your name and email and select the protocol you want

To continue WordPress email SMTP configuration . As shown in the image above, you can enable the settings, which will force WordPress to send site emails from the specific email you want or with the specific name you want. All you have to do is to type your desired email address in front of “from email” And enable “force from email” to force WordPress to send emails from the email address you want. Or type your desired name in front of “from name” and activate force “from name” . In this case, your email address and the mentioned name will be displayed in your emails.       

And  enable force from email  

Currently in 2021 SMTP offers ten protocols. Each website may use one of these protocols as needed. But on most sites with shared hosting, we recommend “other SMTP”. Because then sending your email is not outsourced and you do not need to create an account or register on another site. That is why we provide the configurations of this protocol in this article.


how to do smtp configuration for wordpress email settings

Enter the required information

Each of the protocols you choose needs its own specific information. The information that “other SMTP” needs is as follows.  

SMTP host : which specifies the host that sends the email.

Encryption : Specifies the security encryption of emails. 

Smtp port : Specifies the email sending port .

Authentication : Do I need a username and password to use email? If you need to enter them as well. 


how to do smtp configuration for wordpress email settings

Where do we get this information?

First of all, you need to create the desired email. To do this, login to the cpanel of your site. And in the mail section, follow the steps to create an email. There are two ways to get information about this email.  

Ask your host to give you these informations.

Or enter the cpanel of your site. In the Emails section, select the email you want.  In sections such as “connect devices” or “setup information” or similar sections that depend on your hosts Cpanel, the information needed to connect different devices or different CMS to this email is included in that section.


how to do smtp configuration for wordpress email settings

Check that if the configuration is correct

In the email test section,  first specify which email address the test email will be sent to, then click send email to send the test email. If the failure message is displayed, you have entered the required information incorrectly. Usually, people make mistakes in two cases.  

In the encryption / port section: Each encryption has its own port. So make sure that if you have chosen TLS encryption, enter your own TLS (not SSL ) port .    

Passwords and usernames: These are the same usernames and passwords of your email (and not the site password, username, or FTP or Cpanel username password), meaning the same passwords and usernames you entered while creating your email. Make sure you enter this information correctly and then resend the test again to make sure the problem is resolved.

Once you have followed these steps, the problems of sending email and the errors of wp forms and contact 7 plugins will be fixed.    

Good luck.


reference of how to do SMTP configuration for WordPress email settings : irabrod


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