spain best tourist attractions : The most popular tourist attractions in Spain are the subject of this week’s article by Irbrood. Undoubtedly, Spain, which has seen all kinds of religions and cuktures. through the history and has colonized the most known countries of the world, has a big Mediterranean coast, has more than 10 tourism attractions. But in this article, we list the most popular ones for you to prioritize your visit .


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10 of the most popular tourist attractions in Spain – spain best tourist attractions

10- museum of prado

One of the structures of one of the most famous Spanish architects, which contains a treasure of the most magnificent paintings of the most famous Spanish painters .


top 10 spain best tourist attractions both natural ,and historical

9- royal palace of madrid

With more than 3,000 rooms and millions of square meters, it is the largest palace in western Europe. This marble building with beautiful gardens and amazing architecture and design has been the residence of the Spanish royal family for many years and now its doors are open to the public and tourists.


8- seville city

This beautiful city is ranked eighth among the most popular tourist attractions in Spain. It is one of the cultural capitals of Spain, which gives the city a colorful atmosphere. Next to these are churches with Gothic architecture and monuments of Muslim invaders such as Alcatzar Castle.


top 10 spain best tourist attractions both natural ,and historical


The city is located next to the warm waters of the Mediterranean sea, so it is one of the most popular destinations for tourists who love white beaches and clear water, along with some of the most visited natural places. Spain and even Europe, including the finger of God and the blue rocks , the spring breaks and…. Besides, this city has a long history and many historical monuments such as a cemetery that goes back to several thousand years ago.


6-camp nou

Thanks to big teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona, Spain is one of the most famous countries in the field of football. As a result, one of the tourist attractions of this country is football stadiums, especially during the conflict between these two great teams.  this stadium, which is the largest stadium in terms of capacity in the whole world , becomes the tourism destination of many many football lovers.


top 10 spain best tourist attractions both natural ,and historical

5- Bullfighting and matadors + trout of cows in Pamplona

One of the most famous cultural elements of Spain is Spanish bullfighting and matadors. An exciting game in which a skilled human takes his life and fights a bull, a battle that is more like a unique but dangerous dance.

Also in a ceremony in Pamplona, there is a dangerous celebration in which a number of wild bulls are released and run in the crowd and the crowd runs away from them. This celebration is very dangerous but it has indescribable excitement for the people of Spain.


4-plaza mayor madid

This famous square is the fourth most popular attraction in Spain.although This square have been surrounded by a few normal apartments, but due to their special architecture, it has given a beautiful view to this place and is a hangout for photography-loving tourists, especially at night.


top 10 spain best tourist attractions both natural ,and historical

3- cathedral of cordoba

Nothing can be the symbol of the history of Spain as well as a cathedral that combines the architecture of Muslim mosques and the Christian church on the ruins of a Roman temple. With a unique dome, marble columns and beautiful tiles and arches and unique lighting can undoubtedly fascinate you for hours.


top 10 spain best tourist attractions both natural ,and historical

2- alhambra

the castle goes back to The time when the Muslim rulers of the region lived. It is built on a hill overlooking the vast city of Granada. Alhambra is one of the most well-known and most visited places in not only Spain but also whole Europe. The process of building this unique castle began in the 11th century and continued until 4 centuries later .


top 10 spain best tourist attractions both natural ,and historical

1- basilica and temple expiatori de la sagrada familia

It is one of the most beautiful human construction projects that has ever been started. The construction of this church started in 1800, and its construction is still going on and has not yet een completed! Construction of the church is expected to be completed in 2027. One of the most beautiful Gothic architectures can be seen in the facade of this church, and you can easily see the manifestation of heaven in the interior design of this church, which is exactly the goal of the designers of this mesmerizing structure .

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