Spider-man vs. Batman. In this article, we will start a hypothetical battle for comic book lovers. Between Marvel’s most popular hero and DC’s most popular hero. In this Irabrod article, we examine all the standard abilities of Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne and conclude who wins.

The following information and writings are taken from the death battle youtube channel.


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spider-man vs batman who would win ? who is stronger ? which one is smarter ?

spider-man vs batman , who wins - abilities and weakness of each of them

Spider-Man vs. Batman – Who Wins?

About Batman

Batman height and Batman weight

6.2 feet tall. About one meter and eighty-seven cents.

41 years old

Weight 95 kg


Batman Abilities

Ability to see in the dark

Use of modern scientific weapons

$ 7 billion wealth

Master in many martial arts skills (127 titles)

Strategist and clever

Ability to deceive the opponent


Escape Master

Obtain opponent information.

90 kg fireproof bulletproof armor. And the ability to breathe healthily in toxic air. Ability to absorb 200,000 volts of electricity.

Ability to create ultrasound

Ability to call bats

Tolerate a lot of pain and regain physical strength

Capable of holding his breath for 27 seconds

Pressure bearing capacity 450 kg

Foot press strength 1125 kg


 Significant achievements

has defeated superhumans like Superman singlehandedly.

He has won many times against smart opponents like the Joker.

Ability to win multiplayer battles.

has Solved the most difficult police cases


weak points

Mental weakness about childhood memories

Does’nt kill for the sake of law

Lack of extraordinary abilities

spider-man vs batman , who wins - abilities and weakness of each of them

About Spider-Man

Spiderman height , age and weight

5.1 feet tall, equivalent to about one meter and fifty-five centimeters

Weight 95 kg

25 years old


Spiderman abilities

IQ 250 = elite

High intelligence and science and the ability to invent defensive and offensive tools


The webs last up to an hour.

can bear a weight of up to 10 tons.

Running speed of 200 miles per hour

Ability to climb walls and vertical points

High endurance.

Speed ​​and flexibility

Spider-Sense (Predicting Dangers)

Tolerance to hazardous chemicals (such as Venom)


Significant achievements

The webs are strong enough to tie the Hulk.

has Defeated the Hulk

has participated in many Avengers missions.


weak points

Some chemicals can disrupt his spider-sense.

The webs have a limited duration.

Limited endurance

His application for membership in the Justice League has been rejected by Batman🙂


Who wins in spider-man vs batman and why?

Spider-Man wins the battle. Despite Batman’s experience, high intelligence, and power, the following outweighs Batman’s abilities


Spider-Man can detect Batman attacks in the dark using his spider-sense.

Batman’s weapons and poison gas can not be effective against the spider’s sense.

Higher speed and flexibility

Batman martial arts can be repelled by the power of the strings and the extraordinary ability of spiderman.

Spiderman’s main enemy, the Green Goblin, bears many similarities to Batman, who was defeated by Spider-Man.


The advantages that Batman has over Spider-Man

Smarter strategies

Batman armor withstands most Spider-Man attacks.

Capable of most of  the spider man’s traps

more experience on the battlefield.


Batman’s slow and analytical methods are the best ground for Spider-Man’s high speed. But if this battle lasted for a long time (assuming a few days) and Batman had more chances, Batman would win.



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