weirdest things sold on eBay : are the subject of this interesting facts article. For years, the Internet has become the most popular store for people to buy  essential items. But sometimes goods are bought and sold that surprise everyone. Stay with us as we listed 10 of the weirdest things auctioned on eBay in this article.


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Top 10 of the strangest and the weirdest things sold on eBay .

10 – Mutant cucumber

A mutant cucumber was bought by a person on ebay. In terms of shape, this cucumber is very similar to a green stool. which seems to be the reason for buying this cucumber.


The corpse of a fairy

9- The corpse of a fairy

For £300 in 2007, a person claimed to have bought the mummified body of a fairy on eBay. In the description of this product, it is written that this product was bought from the auction of a house that had a collection of mummies, and now its owner intends to sell it again.


8-Pavoratti’s left leg mold

the 8th position of weirdest things sold on eBay is Pavoratti’s left leg mold ! Pavarotti was a very famous opera singer. For one cent and $25.99 shipping. it was one of the few products whose shipping cost was higher than its price. In the product description, it was written that it was the only mold available from Pavarotti. which was actually made to help medical researchs.


7- Body hair

Someone claimed that his body hair has healing properties. And managed to sell several strands of his hair on eBay for therapeutic purposes.


Top 10 weirdest things auctioned on eBay - strangest thins sold online

6- A child

In Germany, a 23-year-old mother put her baby photo on eBay for one cent. And she wrote in the description, I am selling this baby because he cries a lot, gender: male, size 70 cm, name Merlin, 8 months old, and can be used both in a swaddle and in a stroller.

Fortunately, the child was not sold despite many requests to buy it. Minutes later, eBay deleted the post and the police took the child from the family. But the family claimed that the whole incident was a joke. And they managed to get the child back.


Illinois-shaped cornflakes

5- Illinois-shaped cornflakes

Two sisters in Virginia discovered that their breakfast cornflakes are shaped like the state of Illinois. Then they sold it on eBay, but eBay removed their page due to selling illegal foods.

Later, they sold the same product on another website for $ 1350.

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A mummy cat that slam dunks a mummified bird!

4- A mummy cat that slam dunks a mummified bird!

one of the craziest weirdest things sold on eBay is a mummified sculpture ! This product shows a mummified cat slam-dunking a mummified bird in a miniature basketball hoop. It was put on eBay for the initial price of 500 dollars.

Its selling price increased to 700 dollars.


3- A jar of dried honey bees

In the product description, it was guaranteed that the bees were sun-dried and completely natural. And they challenged the buyer if they could prove otherwise, They will receive two additional free bottles.


2- A spirit in a jar

The seller, tj101, was from Arkansas. An auction began with a starting price of $99 for a spirit in a jar. It was written in the description, “The soul in the jar! no joke Follow up seriously. And I don’t accept the responsibility of that black thing escaping from the glass. The sale will be completely final”.

In the end, this product was sold at the price of 50 thousand dollars.


A complete set of armor for a guinea pig

1- A complete set of armor for a guinea pig

The seller wrote Mighty Saks. “After my guinea pig Lac passed away. I decided to get these armors so that the guinea pigs can have a happy life.”

The original price of this product was 200 dollars. But 47 bidders with 150 offers within one day, the price of this product reached 24 ,300 dollars and it was sold. Much more than the price of an exquisite suit.

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