series similar to squid game – series like squid game : In this article, we have listed and selected ten of the best series like squid game. The series in which you play for your life, to escape from danger, or to win a very big prize. warning,stories are spoiled under the titles.

The squid game is one of the most popular Netflix series, which achieved great success and popularity worldwide. In this beautiful series, a group of players take part in a series of deadly games in which they lose their lives if they fail, and a sum of money in exchange for their death is considered for the winner of the last game.


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10 of the best tv shows and series similar to Squid game series of netflix

10- Sweet Home

after a family disaster, cha hyun soo decided to leave home and move to an apartment. After that, strange monsters quickly begin to wipe the human race. Now the people in the apartment are trapped inside the building. And in that tense tense atmosphere they have to live together.


top 10 best movies similar to squid game (2021)

9- Saw collection

When it comes to games and death, we all would recall the saw collection and jigsaw’s famous quote”want to play a game?”. Saw Collection is one of the most popular and successful American horror films for many years, which is one of the most famous movies that contains a series of deadly games


8- Circle

 Circle is ranked eighth in the best series similar to Squid Game. circle is in the genre of sci-fi horror in the future era. In this series, 50 strangers awake in a dark room. this room contains a series of strange rules created by a mysterious authority. And anyone out of these 50 who breaks the law will be executed immediately. The story goes in a direction that they realize, they must choose one person among themselves to live and the rest to die.


Top 10 best TV shows and series similar to Squid game (2021)

7- Zero: Ikkaku Senkin Game

In seventh place of the series similar to squid game, this show tells the story of a very kind teacher. A teacher named zero ukai who, like Robin Hood, steals from the rich and gives to the poor. The story goes in a direction that a very rich but mysterious man realizes zero’s deeds. Which forces Zero to take part in a very deadly and dangerous game with a prize of 100 billion yen.


6- Kaiji

In this animated series, a person named kaiji itsou is addicted to betting and gambling.this addiction leads to his huge debt and poverty.and makes him to participate incruise ship in which a variety of mind games such as mahjong and scissor paper are performed in a deadly manner.


Top 10 best TV shows and series similar to Squid game (2021)

5- King’s Game

There is a deadly game going on in a school. That a person named king sends a text message to the students and asks them to follow the game’s instructions. All students are forces to participate in this game. Among students,  Nobuaki Kanazawa has just entered school. And that’s why he has no friends to pity them during the game. He also had experienced this game in his previous school. Because of this, it seems much easier than others to play this game.


4- Memories of the Alhambra

We ranked Memoried of the Alhambra as the fourth best series similar to Squid Game. A highly advanced virtual reality game has been developed, in which there is a combination of any genre you can imagine. Science-fiction, fantasy, adventure and…, the player can not distinguish between real life and the game because he sees the world through special high-tech lens. But, behind all these cool features, there is a bug in the game, which in some cases causes pain or death of the player. Now the CEO of the game company is looking for a lost game developer who can solve this problem.


Top 10 best TV shows and series similar to Squid game (2021)

3- 3%

If the violence of the squid game was too much and unbearable for you, and you are looking for a series or shows in the style of the squid game but with less violence, this series may be the best option for you. The 3% series includes mind games, in which every year, all 20-year-olds take part in a kind of test in order to enter Paradise Island. if they do not pass the tests, they will not be killed. But, they will be disqualified and will have to spend the rest of their lives in poverty. Only 3% of the candidates are accepted in this exam.


2- Liar Game

A student is invited to a mysterious reality show called the liar game. When she enters, she realizes that she has actually entered a psychological game to survive. In which participants succeed by deceiving another participant. The most cunning person in the game wins a significant amount of money.


Top 10 best TV shows and series similar to Squid game (2021)

1- Alice in Borderland

From the very first days of the release of the netflix squid game series, it has been compared to alice in borderland. In this beautiful series,  arisu is a very smart gamer, who has not done much work outside the virtual world. He is suddenly in an empty part of Tokyo. Where he has to take part and compete hard in a series of games. And if he loses any game, he will be killed by an unknown creature with a laser shot in his head. 


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