what animal year is 2022 ?  Who were the famous people born this Chinese year? and what are the characteristics of these people ?  In this article, we will answear all these questions for you.


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What is the Chinese symbol of next year? what animal year is 2022 ? 

The symbol of the animal in 2022 is the tiger. Which is before the year of the rabbit and after the year of the ox.


What are the characteristics of people born in the year of the tiger?

These people have always been rebellious and sometimes angry and arrogant and sometimes good leaders. They generally do not consider anyone worthy to command themAnd at the same time, they like to obey his commands. Despite their interest in leadership, they are very interested in risky adventures and want others to blindly obey them. They are generally great people who are respected by others and sometimes even by their enemies.

As you can see in the topic below. Tiger-borns are powerful leaders and managers.


what animal year is 2022 - Top 10 celebrities born in the year of tiger

10 celebrities who were born in the year of the tiger

10. Simon Bolivar: Liberating many countries from Spanish colonization

9. Emily Bronte: English novelist

8. Charles de Gaulle: Leader of the French Liberation Movement in World War II

7. Ho Chi Minh: Leader of Vietnam during the Vietnam War

6. Maximilien Robespierre: One of the most influential revolutionaries in France

5. Tiberius Caesar: Roman emperor

4. Marilyn Monroe: American actress

3. Marco Polo: Italian merchant

2- Karl Marx: German philosopher

1. Ludwig van Beethoven: Austrian musician

Other celebrities born in the year of the tiger

Queen Elizabeth II: Queen of Britain

Tom Cruise: American actor

Leonardo DiCaprio: American actor

Lady Gaga: American singer

Joseph Stalin: Soviet leader

Johannes Brahms: German musician

Stevie Wonder: American singer

Charles Dickens: English writer

Mahatma Gandhi: Freedom Leader of India

Max Weber: German scientist

John Stuart Mill: English philosopher

George William Hegel : German philosopher



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