What are light-year used for ? This is a simple and fundamental question in astronomy, astronomy, and even physics. And it has a simple and concise answer. In this article, we will explain this issue to you completely and concisely with an interesting example.


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What are light-year used for? And why it is used

the distance it takes a year for light to travel is called the light year. This unit of measurement is used for extremely long distances. Because the speed of light is very high. It can travel a long distance in a year or even a second!


what are light-year used for ? light year in miles + shocking examples

Light-years in miles based on the speed of light

The speed of light is 299 792 458 miles per second.

The formula for speed is equal to the distance traveled divided by the time traveled (distance/time)

So if we consider the time as one year (distance \ 365 x24x60x60 = speed of light means 299 792 458)

So the light-year is 9,454,254,955,488,000 miles!  Because the diameter of the earth is 7917.51173 miles. A light-year equals to 1,194,094,215,189.5 Earths side by side!

For example, when it is said that one planet is one light year away from another. That means 1,194,094,215,189.5 Earths can be arranged between the two planets.there for it is measured to present long distanced for astronomy


what are light-year used for ? light year in miles + shocking examples

An interesting scientific example

To see an object, light must hit that object and reach our eyes.

Dinosaurs lived on Earth 65 million years ago.

Now, if a planet from space were 65 million light-years from Earth, it would take 65 million years for light to reach that planet from Earth.

Now, if these space people look at the Earth with an epic super-telescope now, they will see dinosaurs on Earth instead of us!


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