What is 404 error ? We will simply explain the reason behind the 404 error to you in this article. This is an error that many of you will see while visiting many sites around the world.

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What is Error 404 ? with example

Error 404 means that such a page has been deleted or does not exist on your site or the site that you are visiting. For this reason, you will be directed to a page of the site that will inform you of this issue with “that page does not exist” or “page can’t be found” or “page not found” or simply the 404 itself.

For example, the following page is not provided in Irabrod. And if you click on it, you will be redirected to the 404 page of the Irabrod website.




How to fix 404 error?

if you are a visitor

This error is not from you the visitor and is from the site itself. Unless you typed the link incorrectly. Be sure to enter the link correctly. If you trust the link, this page has probably been removed from the site. Then visit the homepage of a specific site, and search for your content there.

For example, in irabrod.com/doesntexist, delete the “/doesntexist” section completely and go to irabrod.com. And search for your content in the search field.

if you are the site’s owner

if you have changed the link structure of your site, without any redirection, then, the old links will redirect to a 404 error.

then you have 2 choices:

redirect each of the old links to the new specific link using 301 redirects.

or simply roll back to the previous link structure.


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