what is the Everipedia coin ? is Everipedia a valid coin in crypto currency : Everipedia is a less known digital currencies in the world today, which we intend to introduce in this article. The name of this Everipedia refers more to the encyclopedia with the same name rather than to digital currencies. But here we will examine the whole history of this coin.

What is Everipedia?

EveriPedia, like Wikipedia, is an online encyclopedia. But unlike Wikipedia, it is not free at all and is a for-profit encyclopedia founded in 2014 in Los Angeles by Sam Kazemian and Theodore Forselius. The company first started as a student project at the University of California dormitory by Sam, as a branch of Wikipedia, and later expanded to create a separate, for-profit encyclopedia of the same name. This encyclopedia often earns money through advertising.


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what is Everipedia - history behind Everipedia crypto currency

The beginning of the use of blockchain system and the emergence of cryptocurrency of everipedia

In 2016, the company decided to use the  EOS blockchain system to edit and store information  (Currency Blockchain Protocol, which aims to eliminate money transfer costs and increase the volume of transactions).

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Later, with the development of the wiki system (a website or database that is often created by a community of audiences and users), a user interface was created to allow users to write/edit the content of the site, Everipedia provided a kind of score (EveriPedia coin) to encourage users to create more content for the site by paying them everipedia coins. This is where the cryptocurrency of everipedia was born .

These coins somehow made the users of Everipedia encyclopedia one of the beneficiaries of the encyclopedia’s advertisements. The higher the value and views of this content, the higher the revenue of users.

Everipedia currencies do not have a centralized server, so the cost of maintaining and managing the servers is removed from the price of these currencies. The absence of a centralized server (as a result of the absence of a centralized IP) reduced the possibility of the US government blocking or censoring these cryptocurrencies .

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