Who is Joker ? How did joker become evil and insane? Why he is so popular. We have provided the answers to these questions in details , we hope you enjoy this article.


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Who is the Joker?

The Joker is the name of a villain in the DC world, The Batman’s most popular and most fearful enemy. This character is known for his big smile with with scars on the edges of his mouth on his face. In most movies, games, and comics, the character appears in a dark purple suit or coat, sometimes with a hat. in most media he has green hair.


How did the Joker become the joker – why did he become evil ?

This question has several answers. In an old movie starring Jack Nicholson, the Joker was a mentally healthy character who was thrown into a green chemical by a criminal gang and turned into a Joker after losing his mental health. Maybe.

In another comic, the Joker is an ordinary criminal pursued by Batman. And during this chase, he accidentally falls into a green chemical and loses his mental health.


who is joker and how did joker become insane or evil ?

In the Joker’s latest film, a person named Happy, who has a very sad life, has a mental state that laughs involuntarily when he gets emotional. He protests and finds supporters because of the problems he has with the rulers of Gotham. During these stories, he becomes a criminal named Joker.


Characteristics and strengths of the Joker

According to Nolan Joker trilogy, he is very interested in attracting attention and presentation. Despite his mental issues, he is very smart and strategic. The greatest strength of the Joker is the impossibility of predicting his actions. He always does things that are not expected of him. Along with anarchist and suicidal elements, this power has made him one of the most powerful criminals in the world of DC and Marvel. Also, considering that he has told several stories about how his smile scars appear, we can point out his interest in attracting false attention.

He has always been interested in people with mental health problems.

The Joker is also not interested in firearms, but he is very interested in explosions and fire. One of the Joker’s main interests is to see the victim’s last momments when he is killed with a cold steel weapon. The reason the Joker hates firearms is that these moments pass quickly and the Joker can not understand those momments or fears.

High endurance is another strength of the Joker. In both the new film and Christopher Nolan, the Joker always endured the pain well. He laughs while enduring pain and torture.

The Joker is always joking or laughing, even in the worst of fights or conflicts. But he has little patience, he does not tolerate defeat, in case of the slightest failure, he quickly gets angry and his jokes become violent.

For the Joker, nothing matters but his purpose. According to the actions of the Joker in the game of injustice, it is clear that the Joker is even willing to sacrifice himself to achieve his goal.


who is joker and how did joker become insane or evil ?

his rommance with harley quinn is so complicated. there are momments , that one can conclude that he actually loves harley quinn. but some times he hurts her by purpose.


Why is the Joker so popular?

If we want to say in one word. The Joker has style. Without any particular power, he has repeatedly brought the greatest heroes with the greatest powers to their knees, such as Batman and Superman. His perseverance has made us never see him surrender. His laughter angers the most patient heroes.

But one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the Joker is the late Heath Ledger. It is safe to say that before the role of the Joker was played by Heath Ledger, the Joker did not have much popularity that he has now. Heath Ledger was so immersed in his role that he is still remembered as the main joker years later.

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Joker profile

Name: Unknown | perhaps happy

Weight: 191 pounds | 87 kg

Height: 6.39 foot | 1.95 meters

Fiancé | Wife | Couple | partner : Harley Quinn

Eye color: green

Title: the clown prince of crime



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