How to install Windows 10 using bootable USB rufus : installing win10 guide is simply prepared for you in this article. If you encounter a problem during installation, inform us in the comments .

First of all, keep in mind that Windows 10 will not work well on older devices. By installing this Windows on older devices, you may encounter problems such as the keyboard not working or the bad quality sound of the laptop or computer.


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Tools needed:

USB drive of at least 4 GB, preferably 8 GB.
Windows 10 ISO file


how to install windows 10 using bootable usb in only 3 Super easy steps

How to install Windows 10 using bootable USB rufus

The first step in preparing files

1- Backing up files

If you install Windows, all your files may be deleted.
Then to back up your files transfer all the files you need to a usb flash drive or external hard drive.
If you do not have a USB flash drive or hard drive, create a folder on a custom drive (except drive c), for example drive d (which from now on whenever we mentioned drive d , we mean the specific drive which you copied your backup files in it) and then Move your files there .

2. Download your Windows ISO file

Buy and download Windows 10 iso image files.

3. Rufus program

Download, install and run the Rufus program. Installing this program is extremely simple.


how to install windows 10 using bootable usb in only 3 Super easy steps

Step Two Preparing Flash

Connect your flash to the device.
Right-click on your USB drive and select format and then confirm the prompt.
Run the Rufus program.
In the device section, select your USB drive.
in the device section, there is a field for your iso files , click on it. And select your ISO file.

Then set the partition scheme to gpt and the target system to uefi.

Click the start button.

Wait for the proccess to complete.

Step Three Installing Windows

how to install windows 10 using bootable usb in only 3 Super easy steps

1. Hardware selection

Leave the flash on the device and restart the computer.
While turning on the computer, press the F12 or F2 or delete key repeatedly. To pop up a menu of your computer hardwares.
In this menu, select the name of your flash drive that probably has the word Windows written next to it.

Then the Windows installation screen will pop up.



how to install windows 10 using bootable usb in only 3 Super easy steps

2. Important: The files you backed up to Drive D

On the Windows Installation page, click on custom install. You will now be redirected to a page that contains the specifications of your drives.
Format all drives except D (recognize by volume). Preferable format is better but not mandatory (except drive c which must be formatted).


Here you can even change the amount of memory.
Suppose the value of your C drive (the drive next to which the word system is written) is low. Click on the driver you want to reduce its size and add to C and select delete .
Right Click on Drive C and select delete.
Then click on the newly unallocated space option and select new. And select your new drive capacity in gigabytes. The first drive you create is c. Drive volume should be based on binary numbers. (Number of gigs you want multiplied by 1024) Now click on drive C and go to the next step of installing Windows .
Windows will now be installed automatically.
Your computer may restart several times during installation. Do not worry and do not press any buttons.
At the end of the Windows installation, you will be asked questions to customize the color and mode of your Windows.
congratulations. Windows 10 installation is finally complete


reference of how to install windows 10 using bootable USB : irabrod


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