15 Strange Animal Habits That will Shock You

Strange Animal Habits
Written by Mohsin

Strange Animal Habits

Prepare to Embark on a Voyage of Cosmic Revelations that Challenge The vast and intricate tapestry of the universe holds countless mystifying threads waiting to be disentangled and understood. From the primordial seeds of creation taking root after the immense conflagration that birthed existence, an elaborate tableau has bloomed across the eons, giving rise to phenomena that perplex even the most open and inquiring minds. In the following passages, we traverse the mind-expanding panorama of the cosmos through bite-sized vignettes that shed light on astounding truths recently illuminated by science regarding our place in the grand scheme of the boundless whole. Let our imminent cosmic tour further ignite within you an enduring spark of wonder for the myriad marvels still left to uncover throughout the inconceivable expanse.

Empirical data affirms the universe’s relentless spread since its birth.

Through meticulous monitoring via some of the most sophisticated instruments ever crafted, astronomers have accrued irrefutable proof confirming the alarming and continuous inflation of the already colossal universe. Telescopic observations across the decades reinforce the theoretical foundation established by Hubble that, from its primordial commencement in the blaze of the Big Bang, the all-encompassing empyreal realm has endlessly swelled in size as the unfathomable intergalactic voids magnify more by the eon. Moreover, spectrographic measurements of the Doppler effect exhibited in the light emanating from the most distant discernible galaxies provide unequivocal evidence that, while the universe was once densely packed, it persists in stretching itself ever more thinly and diffusely across the depths of space and time.

By observing gravitational effects, astrophysicists deduce the preponderance of enigmatic components pervading the cosmic order.

Whereas the visible architecture of the established cosmos appears relatively sparse, permeating the very fabric of reality is a dominant portion of some unknown, non-radiating medium exerting a formidable gravitational pull. Indeed, although the luminous arrangements of stars, planets, and other recognizable celestial bodies collectively embody a minuscule fraction of merely 4%, this dimly discerned substance, dubbed “dark matter,” alongside an even more obscure “dark energy” permeating the vacuum itself, is calculated to amass upwards of 96% of all components in the known universe. While their true nature continues eluding direct detection, their unmistakable signatures manifest through subtle warping of spacetime by their combined mass energy, compelling scientists to infer their immense, all-encompassing predominance even if their true identities defy explanation for the time being.

Gigantic, ever-expanding vacuums vastly magnify the distances dividing celestial island universes.

Dwarfing all other superlatives regarding scale, the literal “nothingness” inhabiting the abysmal deserts separating one island universe from the next attains measures almost too astonishing to fathom. Recent calculations invasively probing the depths of inactive regions between the clustered congregations of hundreds of billions of stars and their attendant planetary systems have revealed mind-numbing statistics, with the average separation eclipsing a numeral too massive to fully appreciate: a virtually incomprehensible 43 sextillion miles of pure, particulate-barren dilation. And with space itself continuing to balloon more each instant, pulling apart galaxy groups and superclusters further across the growing gulf, the magnitude of cosmic loneliness reigning amidst the domains appears destined to become ever more poignantly stark and isolated with each passing eon.


Current tallies of the observable galaxies constitute a minuscule sampling of the whole plenitude.

Recent inventories of the galaxies discernible even with our most advanced orbital observatories have sharply upgraded prior approximations of the total within the viewable era, detecting over 100 billion island universes studying the heavens. And yet, with the limitations of the speed of light rendering over 90% of the fathomable all-encompassing macrocosm presently unsurveyable, astronomers realize this Census represents but a lean wisp of the accurate plenitude stretching beyond our reach into the mysterious past. Countless more galaxies existed before and will emerge beyond the event horizon of observability, their actual numbers likely ballooning far beyond what any instrument may ever resolve. So immense proves the scale of gratification that the portion cataloged to date may amount to barely a millionth of a percent of the quantities proliferating throughout the bountiful, unrestricted universe.

An Unfathomed Cosmic Arena Awaits Ongoing Exploration


We have briefly glimpsed through these vignettes but a sparse sampling of the unfathomable empirical truths about the vast natural realm that have become more focused through ongoing scientific endeavors. From the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy’s dominance to the proliferating galaxies and the enormity of the voids between, it is abundantly clear that the cosmos provides an arena of both awe-inspiring magnificence and perplexing enigmas in prodigious measure. As technologies and theoretical frameworks continue progressing in tandem to augment human capacities to scrutinize reality at larger scales and more profound into time’s flow, a new frontier of revelations is guaranteed to emerge from even the most seemingly well-established pillars of our cosmological understanding. An endless panoply of revelations thus lies on the inchoate horizon, keeping intact humanity’s perennial spirit of inquisition and discovery deep into the uncharted future.


Why do dolphins pass pufferfish around?

Dolphins have been observed passing around pufferfish to experience their toxins’ narcotic and psychoactive effects.

How do slugs “duel” with their penises?

During mating season, slugs and snails engage in penis fencing matches called “duels” to assert dominance and reproductive rights.

Why do anglerfish fuse?

Because they inhabit such deep, dark environments, male anglerfish fuse with the much larger female for transportation and nourishment until she releases her eggs.

Why do hyenas give birth through their clitorises?

Female spotted hyenas have an enlarged clitoris resembling a penis that they give birth through due to their masculinized traits as the more dominant sex.

Do elephants communicate with infrasound?

Elephants have been shown to use low-frequency sounds invisible to humans to converse over long distances, helping establish social bonds across large territories.

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