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exeter finance

Exeter Finance Corporation, often referred to as Exeter got its beginnings much like others in the auto finance realm. However, from humble startup to today’s position of prominence, Exeter has blazed a distinctive path in fulfilling the automobile needs of non-prime borrowers. While accepting applications from less-than-perfect credit applicants presents inherent challenges, Exeter’s leaders recognize opportunity and obligation in this arena. Where some saw only risk, they envisioned a chance to empower deserving clients. Consequently, through innovative products, diligent underwriting, and steadfast customer support, Exeter has become the primary resource for many seeking car-buying assistance. Their story and the story of those they serve continue to evolve in inspiring ways.

Rising to Renown: Exeter’s Journey to Industry Dominance

Exeter’s odyssey began in the late 1990s when it originated from another company called CVC Limited, which focused on subprime auto financing. Starting as a small operation, Exeter gradually gained momentum through persistence and a keen focus on the underserved prime segment. Before long, the word of Exeter’s accommodating options spread, increasing both the size of clients and portfolio. Meanwhile, Exeter’s leadership foresaw opportunity in aggregation, absorbing other lenders to broaden consumer reach. Such tactics bore fruit, allowing Exeter to branch out across many states. By the mid-2000s, Exeter had grown into a nationally recognized name through diverse acquisitions. Most noteworthy was Exeter’s procurement by Deutsche Bank in 2006, bringing scale and resources to new heights. Since then, Exeter has kept enlarging its footprint and refining best practices. This unremitting advancement underscores Exeter’s commitment to providing second chances through automobile loans.

A Spectrum of Subprime Options

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, Exeter offers various loan alternatives to address diverse needs. Primary among these are term loans, which allow repayment over periods commonly ranging from 24 to 72 months. Borrowers appreciate the predictability of set monthly installments for a defined timetable. For more fluid circumstances, revolving loans can also prove helpful. Here, clients may pay down balances at their convenience while retaining open access to remaining credit. Borrowers struggling between paychecks additionally value flexibility in deferment options.

Meanwhile, regardless of product, Exeter endeavors to keep rates and fees within reason given the realities of non-prime risk. Perhaps most notable is Exeter’s pioneering of loan refinancing. Through this, qualified customers may reduce costs or extend terms if circumstances change. Such customized approaches demonstrate Exeter’s willingness to work alongside clients through various financial tides. Whether one’s credit standing slightly misses prime standards or falls considerably farther, Exeter strives to structure affordable solutions congruent with individual situations.

Ensuring Prudence with Potential

To balance service and security, Exeter rigorously evaluates each applicant. The evaluation process starts by analyzing credit reports using proprietary risk-scoring models. These algorithms take a holistic view, considering numerous payment histories rather than fixating on single blemishes. Pay stubs and tax documents are also inspected to substantiate income viability. Only when sources align, do loan contracts receive final underwriting approval. Such prudent precautions give clients confidence that financing aligns with their capacities. It likewise provides reassurance toinvestors. However, Exeter evaluates all with empathy, understanding that any one mishap shouldn’t preclude future chances. This balanced mindset brings tranquility and opportunities to those most needing another option.


Exeter’s progression serves as a paragon for the industry. What began as a local endeavor providing an essential service has evolved into a nationwide leader assisting tens of thousands annually. Exeter’s methods exemplify balance—tough when warranting protection but tender where showing grace can empower recovery. As economic landscapes shift continually, Exeter’s light remains a steady beacon of hope for motorists wanting help getting from one place to the next. Their story reverberates with those who believe in second chances and the power to turn lives around via tiny acts of goodwill.


Who founded Exeter Finance?

Exeter Finance was founded in the late 1990s as a division of CVC Limited, initially focusing on subprime auto financing.

What kinds of loans does Exeter Finance offer?

Exeter Finance provides both term loans, which are repaid over a fixed period, and revolving loans with flexible payment options.

How can I apply for an Exeter Finance loan?

You can start the Exeter Finance loan application process online at their website, in person at a local office, or over the phone.

What are Exeter Finance’s credit requirements?

While exact credit score requirements vary by loan, Exeter Finance typically works with borrowers above 550, although non-traditional credit may also be considered.

How long has Exert Finance been in business?

Exeter Finance has served non-prime borrowers for over 20 years, growing from a small startup to one of the largest subprime auto lenders nationwide.

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